Was Rasputin a tool of the Jews?

I received this from one of my supporters:

Received on: 2017-12-16 :-

Good afternoon Mr. Lamprecht!
This afternoon I was browsing a militaria collectors group on facebook, and I came a post that really caught my eye. This fellow had posted pictures of what is allegedly a book out of Hitlers library at the Reich Chancellery. He says he purchased it at an estate auction.
The group is closed, however the admin lets people in a dime a dozen.

In case you are not interested in the group, the book is titled “Rasputin Tool of The Jew” by Dr.Rudolf Kummer. A quick google search on the author turned up that he had been a party member from 1922, participated in the beer hall putsch, and after the NatSocs gained power, he was in charge of all state libraries until 1945.

Sorry but Its taken me so long to get to this that I can’t get to the link.
You can email it to my private email address. Please keep it to yourself.

I’m posting your comments about Rasputin. I was not aware of this. This sounds very interesting.

Rasputin as a tool of the Jews really makes sense now that I think about it. Jews operate in weird psychological ways.



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