FANTASTIC NEWS: Signs popping up everywhere: Its OK to be German!


[As I’ve been going through the Contact us pages and replying to people. I get really great messages and info. Here is one from Holland. And the great news is that the right wing seems to be active. This is fantastic, yes, its OK to be German … to put it mildly. Germans should be VERY PROUD of their war against International Jewry. As vast numbers of whites everywhere wake up, we are VERY VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU GERMANS AND ITALIANS AND YOUR ALLIES WHO FOUGHT INTERNATIONAL JEWRY TO YOUR LAST BREATH! WHAT A FANTASTIC INSPIRATION YOU ARE! As for the Jewish hatred of Germans and their intense desire to still genocide all of you Germans, we’re all on your side. We are ALL going to SURVIVE! Screw what the Jews say. Jan]

Here’s what my Dutch supporter wrote:

Received on: 2017-12-06 :-
I had a motto: You can suppress the writing, but not the content. There is in all directions an awakening. And progressively the cockroaches get the attention they deserve. Keep up the good work. It is right to be white or the signs now popping up everywhere in Germany >It is right to be German.

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