Memes I’ve created for Whites to spread…


In the last 2 weeks I’ve been fiddling with graphics because I could not get anyone to help me. In the end I just taught myself what I needed to know. I’m not as good as But the purpose is to try and teach whites easily in small bites. I actually have been developing these for the whites here in SA to try to make them grasp their real, deeper history and to see beyond the stupid claims of the Jews.

Feel free to use and spread any of these graphics around.

Here are just some of them. Keep an eye open for more. They’ll be a single image in an article that otherwise has no text:

The memes are NOT inside this article. I’ve been posting each image as a separate post. Let me give you a few links, so that you can recognise them. I’ll be doing more of them.

Here is the list one ones I posted today:

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