Weird/Partial Victory against the Jews? Scotland NAZI Pug owner fined £800 raises £56,000 in less than 24 hours!


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The white man who taught his pug to do a NAZI salute and to react to the command “gas the Jews” managed to get away with a relatively small fine. He then raised a lot of money via crowd-funding. So he pretty much got off the hook.

Alfred Schaefer, Alison Chabloz and I were discussing this by email.

Alison had this to say:
Hello Jan – and hello Alfred,

Yes, an £800 fine. He’s managed to raise over £100,000 in under 24 hours. Great that so many people understand the need to appeal this ridiculous prosecution.

Ha ha, the Jooz made him famous, and now they’ve made him rich !

Of course, he had suffered no where near the censorship you or Alfred or I have encountered. I once chatted to him on Facebook about the gas chambers – he ran away, scared sh*tless and blocked me. Shame – there is a reference to his ‘Nazi dog’ in one of my songs which is being prosecuted.

He will not be speaking out in support of my case.., or Monika’s or Alfred’s. At least I would be very surprised if he does..

Still, a victory against the Jooz for sure :-))

Kind regards,

Alfred had this to say:

We need to highlight all the treachery of the kikes every move these days. This incredible censorship is making us so sick. Maybe the reason for letting Dankula may have been given a grand platform because he states, “the least cute which are the Nazis” or something like that, and he does not really understand very much, so he unwittingly actually propagates the big meme which is Jews and Gas. Always Jews and Gas. However, the Jews are going to lose this, people are getting so pissed off.

So this particular case is really weird. It took 5,000 Jews to gang up on this guy. This guy is really a communist/leftist. So maybe the reason he got off was because he was NOT a NAZI/Racist! He was instead really not pro-white and he was doing this to annoy his girlfriend. If he had been pro-white like Alison, Alfred or myself it would have been a different thing. Its bad for him to promulgate the “evil NAZI” idea or even that the Germans gassed the Jews. So as you can see he is really not on our side. He just seems to have stumbled on to our kind of controversy. So it helps a bit, but he is by no means a real representative of whites.

You can read the full article about him and how he raised a stack of money in no time at all after his fine:

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