My News from Johannesburg, Corona Virus center of South Africa…

I went to go and buy food today, on my first day out, on the 5th day of the stupid Corona Virus lockdown. I took a bunch of photos and film footage as I drove around.

The streets were pretty empty and traffic very low. Some of the shops shut early, so I have an excuse to dash out later this week to quickly go and see how things are going.

I’d say 50% of the blacks and whites I saw, were wearing MASKS! I’d say more blacks were wearing masks than whites.

I don’t wear gloves nor masks. I just laugh at the silly fiasco.

They wanted to allow the sale of cigarettes … which is the one thing proven to make you susceptible to the flu/virus, etc. But they did not go through with it.

You’d think we were in a biological war. This is complete idiocy and foolishness. In a country of over 50 million there were 3 death so far. That is less than are MURDERED every 2 hours in South Africa.

I’ll put up film footage and photos. The whole thing is totally ridiculous.

I was looking around to find the Police and the army, and finally actually ran into 2 Police cars, complete with Police wearing masks, near my house!!!

I suspect the army is around dealing with the blacks because the blacks are breaking all the rules. No booze, no partying and random sex for 3 weeks!!!

The whites are all sitting in their homes, not even daring to go out into their gardens.

So pathetic.

If this is how weak Liberal/Black/Jewish society is, then I say: White males, arm up! These people are easy to scare. And nothing scares more easily than a zombie liberal!

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