Many Whites don’t grasp the impact of RACE – Let me explain


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Video & Audio: TOP SECRET: WW2s Biggest Tank Battle they never talk about
This was one of my 3 viral videos on Youtube before they quickly killed it. The original video was made in 2016. Look in every history reference book for the biggest Tank Battle that was ever fought and youll find they talk about the Battle of Kursk (or the Kursk Campaign). Heres the greatest tank battle in all of history and the fantastic Wehrmacht won it with ease, even when they faced tanks so new and so advanced that they had never seen these types of tanks before and even when their shells just bounced off the Soviet armour!

Let me try to explain the impact of RACE in a simple way. DIFFERENCES between all humans end up resulting in CONFLICT. You get it even among people of the same race. The tiny differences between Whites in Europe led to conflicts among those Whites – and it happens over centuries – same people, same fighting.

When you are dealing with RACE, the DIFFERENCES between people are MUCH GREATER.

Therefore, if small differences between Whites cause conflict, then imagine how much easier it is for conflict to occur between RACES.

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What Jews say: Why ALL Whites must DIE! The INTENSE Jewish HATRED of the White Race
Here are various quotes from Jews showing their intense hatred of Whites everywhere. Take special note of Jewish academics like Susan Sontag and Professor Ignatiev and what they say about our race. There are lots of quotes from many famous Jews about the need to destroy the European people.

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