JEWS AT WORK: Photo: 1 White woman and 2 White men: Three arrested on 115 charges for leaving hate symbols in NY churches

[You would think these people are terrorists who have been planting bombs the way the Jews are carrying on. I’m sure there are plenty of real crimes in Chicago and New Orleans daily, with people being killed or physically hurt. Yet, here are some Whites, doing nothing but spreading flyers and they’re all arrested as if they are common criminals. Furthermore, I’ll bet you their literature that they spread DID NOT CONTAIN ANY SUGGESTION OF VIOLENCE OR INSURRECTION AT ALL! Yet, they’ve been grabbed like common criminals. Blacks all across America are committing real crimes and heinous crimes that make this look like nothing. I also saw, and nearly PUKED, a TV News video making the BIG BOLD (LYING) claim that hate against JEWS GET’S TOO LITTLE COVERAGE!!! WTF? These people are “committing crimes” by spreading SWASTIKA and using “racial slurs?” Are you INSANE? A RACIAL SLUR is some kind of CRIME? That’s nuts. This whole thing is crazy. The real issue is that Whites want their FREE SPEECH and Jews are having Police hunt them down and toss them in JAIL! Jan]

by: Carl Aldinger

Posted: Jul 12, 2022 / 03:22 PM EDT

HORNELL, N.Y. (WETM) – Three people have been arrested on over 100 charges for allegedly leaving hateful and racist symbols in churches and other public and private properties in Hornell, according to police.

The City of Hornell Police Department said it began investigating reports that pamphlets and stickers containing images of swastikas and racial slurs in two local churches. The pamphlets were also allegedly left at various other private and public properties in the City.

Aubrye Gradonetti (31), Dylan Henry (30), and Ryan Mulhollen (27) were arrested after Hornell Police and New York State Police executed a search warrant at an address on River Street. Police said that during the search, officers allegedly found evidence “which depicted the crimes of Aggravated Harassment.”

All three were charged with 115 counts of 1st-degree Aggravated Harassment. They were taken to CAP Court for arraignment.

The FBI office out of Rochester also assisted with the investigation.


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