Abraham Lincoln America’s first (Jew-loving) Communist President…

An American lady I have known for about 20 years told me in the past that Abraham Lincoln was a COMMUNIST. I didn’t know what to make of it, but I also never delved deeper into the matter.

I was busy doing some other reading recently when to my horror I was reading that Lincoln and the hideous Jew Karl Marx were writing to each other and they were buddies! And, imagine my horror, at reading that Lenin (who is partly Jewish), was also writing to Lincoln!

If anyone has more info on this, that would be great. It is definitely something we need to look at.

Now Lincoln did a filthy disgusting deed by using Whites to smash the southern Whites so that the worthless Blacks could be ELEVATED to equality status.

Then in the decades after that dreadful war known as the "Civil War" the southerners had to battle and fight their way out. The KKK is truly a heroic organisation. Of course these days the Jewish scum and Liberal scum are doing their utmost to destroy any White Southern/Confederate history. This is something White Americans should resist like crazy. All of this is the JEWISH CRUSHING OF WHITES!

But anyhow, I need to speak to that American lady again because she was the first to tell me that Lincoln was a COMMUNIST. Lincoln and Marx and Lenin exchanged similar views can you believe?

This is an area I need to revisit.

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