My furious email to a Rhodesian…


[I’ve been trying to get info out of people from the time of Rhodesia. The non-co-operation of some of them enrages me. He’s an email I wrote to someone I’ve known for years and was willing to meet face to face if he’d just f*cking talk. My email is full of f words. I’ve known this guy for years. Previously he was so helpful. Now he’s trying to avoid every question.

I was zooming in on the Rhodesia/Israel/Jew issue and then I’m faced with this. But most Rhodesians HAVE been co-operative, but someone in particular, someone who is well placed to really give me detail is now giving me this kind of answer. Its very annoying. Jan]

Hi XX,
You’re really f*cking pissing me off.

You’re the only contact of your kind that I have.

There are things I want to know and I have no other f*cking sources for f*cks sakes.
AND I’ve always kept anonymity for everyone who supplies me with info.
If you’re too much of a c*nt to talk then I’d like to talk to anyone who will.

I’m trying my f*cking utmost to find the truth about everything I can so that I can record it and spread it and so it can help other whites for f*cks sakes.

Rhodesians are f*cking wusses, no better than the South Africans. You should see what the Germans went through and are willing to risk and try.

There are Germans in jail NOW and who’ve been arrested recently for just trying to say the slightest little f*cking piece of truth.

All I am looking for are facts from whomever the f*ck will talk to me for f*cks sakes.

If you truly want to keep your mouth shut then go and f*ck yourself.