Jewish movie series to GLORIFY those who hunt the NAZIs – My Comments


I’ll put the link below for those who want to read the Jewish rubbish. I browsed it and when the issue came up of “were there real NAZI hunters”, then the lying Jew Wiesenthal came up. I think Wiesenthal purportedly survived in multiple “death camps” and he claims 89 members of his family were killed by the evil NAZIs … yeah yeah you lying piece of shit.

I think the purpose of this Jewish nonsense is to GLORIFY those who hunt NAZIs. I think the Jews are planting ideas in the heads of the young and the impressionable that it is cool to hunt down the NAZIs.

Of course the real reality is that the NAZIs fought almost against the entire world for the freedom of Germany and Europe. If anyone knew how to fight and stand their ground … it was those “NAZIS”.

So if you look at it in real perspective, the cowardly Jewish slime can only go about “hunting the NAZIs” because all the rest are dead and it took most of the world together to beat them. Only after this, are the Jews able to hound and harass the Germans who stood up bravely for themselves.

The entire thing is just a load of twisted Jewish crap to fool the youth and to co-opt them into becoming the next dumbass Antifa. Most Jews themselves are too cowardly for the task anyway. They need fat girls and others to fight for them because they’re a race of cowardly filth. They spent almost all their time just lying about the Germans, Spanish, Italians, etc, etc.

Here’s the link to the article where you can read the nonsense that they write:

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