Is Biden’s “Great Epiphany” Prophecy Coming True?


By Mike King

The word epiphany has two related definitions — one is literal, and the other has religious significance related to the Christmas holidays. In the literal sense, to have an "epiphany" means to suddenly — as the result of some striking event — come to understand something, or to suddenly be enlightened.

In Western Christianity, the term, "The Epiphany" commemorates the visit of the gift-bearing "Three Kings" (aka "the Maji") to the Baby Jesus Christ. The Kings — inspired and guided by the "Star of Bethlehem" — had experienced a "sudden realization" that they should pay homage to what was to be "The King of Kings."

As some of "youse guys" may recall, during the 2020 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show), Creepy Pedo-Pervert Biden, on several occasions, garnered headlines by predicting that Republicans would have an "epiphany" after Trump is gone

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