Shocking numbers of Free Masons… The Poison Mushroom, the Jew…


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Someone sent me a link to a Free Mason website where I read about Cecil John Rhodes, the founder of Rhodesia, being a Free Mason. And he clearly liked some of the secrecy.

So just for interest, I monitor the Free Mason site, and I get its news.

Jews control the Free Masons and possibly took over the Free Mason lodges across the world in the late 1800s. There’s a rumour to this effect.

What I find quite horrifying are the numbers of white men who have been Free Masons. In South Africa there were a lot. But when I look at the numbers of white Free Masons from the USA and the positions they held, its quite shocking.

Hitler was right to want to hunt down and destroy these secret societies. They are the enemy within.

I like a little German book that they issued which referred to the Jews as the Poison Mushroom. The Jew is the ultimate enemy within … the ultimate 5th Column.

I think white Americans will still live through an intense hell due to the vast numbers of the Jewish scum who have descended on what was really Europe No 2 … a white country.

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