Jewish Holocaust Lies 101: From a Christian: 6 million Jewish Communists were NOT killed by the NAZIS!


[For those of you who know nothing about the incredible Jewish lies known as the holocaust of the Jews by the NAZIs, here in a few seconds are some important basic facts. This is from Smoloko, a website created by a white Christian man who produces some of the most brilliant memes on the Internet.

FACT: Hitler was going after Communists, and virtually every Jew was a communist. But the Jews like to lie about this and to claim that he went after them because they were Jews. Hitler was destroying communism in Germany and communism in Germany was being driven by the Jews.

Take special note of the Jewish population statistics he gives. Now in 2018, approximately 8 million Jews are drawing holocaust benefits from Germany. I’m not kidding. I published something about this some time back. Half of the world’s Jews are busy getting benefits from Germany. Once a parasite, always a parasite! Jan]

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