Jewish hatred of Whites: KEEPING WHITES DOWN aka “White Supremacy”


[The photo at the top is of White Right Wingers, Boers at the funeral of Eugene Terreblanche in 2010. You don’t often see NAZI salutes in South Africa but that is what we need in ALL Western countries at the soonest! Heil Hitler! 14/88

Underneath all the Jewish BS and howling and shrieking, is a deep fear of whites winning which is also named as “white supremacy”. On Twitter, Cursed Salad posted this fascinating photo below. It is this kind of Jewish message which is aimed squarely at whites. Keeping whites down is the highest priority of Jews everywhere and here in South Africa we’ve felt it really hard. The Jew sees whites gathering in defense of themselves and their interests and the Jew launches preemptive strikes on the whites to break them down as a group.

The “conservatives” everywhere, in all Western nations don’t pose any threat to the Jewish power structure. The Jews have seen to it that the “main stream conservatives” are totally under their thumb. We need to go HARD RIGHT. That’s the ONLY path to any kind of victory for whites. Go HARD RIGHT or Go home.  I should say: Go NAZI or Go Home (loser)!

Look at these disgusting Jews openly denouncing whites. This is how low we’ve fallen so that Jewish scum can talk their anti-white bullshit and get away with it. Our race has NEVER sunk so LOW! Jan]

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