Pic: S.Africa: Apartheid & War: What Whites did with dead Black Terrorists!


Casspirs were one of the many amazing vehicles that were made in South Africa during the time of Apartheid. The Casspir was the most important “work horse” vehicle in Apartheid South Africa. These vehicles were based on experiences learned in Rhodesia and South Africa especially with Russian Land Mines. These Armoured Personnel carriers were incredible. I don’t think a single soldier EVER died in a Casspir from Russian anti-tank landmines – they were that good. These vehicles were used everywhere. They were much more sophisticated than the much simpler vehicles we built in Rhodesia.

Today I spotted an interesting photo. Its the first time I’ve seen such a photo. I’ve heard about this only, but never actually seen it photographed. I heard that the soldiers often tied the dead bodies of black terrorists that they killed to the front bumpers of the Casspirs. So the white soldiers would drive around with all these dead bodies tied to their vehicles. I believe this was done a lot in Nambia (formerly German South West Africa). There were special forces in Nambia called Koevoet. They were Police I think who were turned into special forces. They studied what the Rhodesian Selous Scouts were doing. But because of the different desert-type of terrain they could not carry out Selous Scouts type of infiltration. So they opted for a mechanised type of warfare and hunting the black communist terrorists like that. It worked very well for them.

The South African Army, the SADF, also tied the dead black terrorists to their vehicles. This is not something we did in Rhodesia. I suspect that the real reason for this was to scare the blacks as the whites drove around. This way the local blacks would know that the whites had caught and killed the terrorists. As a rule, in warfare TERROR makes for good psychological warfare and has been used all across the world, even by whites. Vlad the Impaler was the white man who used this technique the most to try to scare his Ottoman Empire enemies.

So on this photo below is a dead black tied to the bumber of what appears to be a Casspir. That’s war. Don’t be freaked out by this. We whites have to harden ourselves. This is all part of the game. Rest assured when the blacks had a chance they did nasty, nasty stuff to whites. In Rhodesia my brother told me about a white man who was hung upside down by the blacks and hamstrung before they killed him. It was a guy my brother had known personally. The blacks did terrible things to their own people. That is Jewish Communism for you … the inventors of terrorism! The things we did, like this photo below is mild compared to what the blacks did. I’ll show you some photos of what they got up to.

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