Reader Question: Have I read the South African, Dan Roodt on American Renaissance? – He is so negative & pro-Jew


[A reader posed this question to me. This was part of a bigger comment, but I thought it deserved treatment of its own. Jan]

This is what the reader wrote:
Has Jan ever read Roodt on American Renaissance? He is a South African, and his articles are always so much more depressing than Jan’s observations, and he’s kind of rooted in the past. Jan is always more up-to-date. Roodt also avoids talking about jews, calling them ‘europeans.’

My Reply:

Dan Roodt is an interesting case. When Roodt was young he was actually anti South African. He was something of a young rebel. He even wrote some Afrikaans poetry that is absolutely HATED. I won’t discuss it here. But I will grant you, that all of us change throughout our lives and this should NOT be held against him.

Roodt rose to prominence in the White Right in South Africa as possibly the White man who would lead the Boers. This is about 12 years or so after I started AfricanCrisis. Dan Roodt wrote a kind of copy-cat book about the ANC and South Africa, copying my book which came out in 2001.

There was a time between 2010-2012 when a Boer in the USA was my supporter and he also knew Roodt and he wanted Roodt and I to hook up. At a point I even wrote Roodt an email and he did not have the decency to even reply to me. So I have ignored him since. I was quite infuriated that he did not even have the decency to reply to my email. I had a similar experience with the leader of the AWB. I had a different experience with General Izak Van Zyl, the leader of the Boere Legion. I found him much more approachable in 2017. In fact, Izak Van Zyl of the Boere Legion is the only Boer leader who I found to be very approachable, and he and I have remained in touch ever since and I invited him to the first lecture I gave.

Dan Roodt became a stock broker at some point in South Africa that is the main occupation and area that he functioned in. His best work in South Africa was when he created the Afrikaans website/forum PRAAG. PRAAG had a lot of followers. Dan achieved his greatest moves when he mimicked the moves of Le Pen of France and John Tyndall of the UK who created "National Front" Political parties. So in South Africa he formed "Front Nationaal" – Afrikaans for the same thing. Then Boers gathered around him. He linked up with American Renaissance. He had a lot of support. Many really believed he should lead the Whites. They even draw a map of a Boer State – quite a good one which I must admit has many good ideas in it. (But like all maps drawn by anyone, including myself, these maps will NOT be the reality – because the reality is determined by other factors of WAR!). However, these maps are very good exercises anyway.

Dan Roodt lives in Johannesburg like me, except he lives in a more upper class suburb. I live in a very middle class area.

I had begun red-pilling about the Jews in 2012. Dan Roodt on the other hand kept close ties with the Jews and I suspect it is because of his stock broking and financial background.

At a point Dan Roodt teamed up with a guy you might call an "Afrikaans Elvis" – Steve Hofmeyr. Steve is extremely famous in South Africa. The two of them teamed up to take someone to court in Randburg court where my cases are happening. They tried to take on a comedian who was mocking the Whites. Their case failed.

Dan remains close to the Jews and I think his main thinking is driven by finance and money and thus he ends up being as despondent as most anyone else.

I think Dan Roodt had his best shot with FN (Front Nasionaal). I think after that a lot of Whites began moving into what you might call "Militia movements". They had some good quality people in FN. And I don’t ever hear anything about it.

Roodt is pretty much stuck in the same rut as the White Liberals and the White English of South Africa.

The Militia movements like the BoereLegion, the AWB and others have instead continued to grow and even more new movements have been spawned. They are working as a group and building Boer/White Unity.

So I think the idea of any kind of voting and talking has given way to the notion that fighting for our lives is the only future there is for us. And I agree.

Dan and the Jews and the Israelis are a fascinating topic. Dan is very much like Jared Taylor. I think the two of them probably see eye to eye.

But you will find that yes, these types of guys, like all Anglo types of thinkers are pretty much stuck. They are caught up in their worship of money and what goes with it, like the British, etc.

The only real future is going to be one that is carved out through armed resistance when we are in big trouble.

He liked to team with an ex-South African Jewess who lives in the USA. I forget her name.

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