Jewish Family Values: Violent, deranged, inbred, feral Jewess Sarah Silverman making light of child molestation & rape!


[Jews can continue to make “Jewish values” acceptable to whites, but the nature of this filthy race of degenerates flies directly in the face of white values and white experience in the world. There are many BIG DIFFERENCES between whites and Jews. This is a topic we’ll revisit. Don’t be fooled by “Jewish humour”. Jews try to put ideas into our heads through their “humour” and “intellectual commentary”. A Jew is a piece of shit. There’s just no simpler way to describe this race of spoilt brats who are treated far too well by whites everywhere. Jan]

ed note–please note all the ear-splitting protests NOT coming out of a NOT morally-outraged Jewish community over what is Siliverman’s latest heinous display of the real nature of Judaism and of her ‘chosen’ people.

Please note this is the same ‘nice Jewish girl’ Sarah Silverman famous for saying she’d ‘f***ing kill Christ all over again’ and that she would like to cook & eat the remains of an aborted child.

Perhaps a certain Galilean rebel had a few things to say about these folks some centuries back–

‘Ye are of your father, the devil, and out of the overflow of your corrupt hearts the mouth speaks…’


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