The Lying (((Mass Media))): Always have a trick up their sleeves…


Something weird I’ve now seen TWICE… are news articles that refer to, and use the very cumbersome term "Flag Officers". What is a FLAG OFFICER? Do you know? How many times in your life have you heard it? Until recent months … I’ve NEVER HEARD THE TERM.

But guess what … flag officers can be Generals and Admirals.

So flag officers can be extremely high ranking men.

I suspect that the lying (((mass media))) don’t want to openly state that GENERALS and ADMIRALS are saying nasty things that undermine the Liberals or assorted anti-White scum. So instead they try to avoid the obvious, and powerful words that everyone understands like General and Admiral … and instead they hide it with the more obscure term Flag Officer.

If you hear that a General or Admiral has expressed a view, then you know that is someone who had great authority and experience. And if what they’re saying is not good for Liberals or Democrats … then it’s best to bury it in the term: "Flag Officer".

Jews are at work my friends … Jews … this is how Jews think.

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