USA: Bloodless Coup? New Adirondack Republic in New York – to break Jewish influence


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[I know the American who is behind this move. Its one of our people trying something bold. This is a complicated concept and it talks about “soft power”. Jan]

Merger Bonuses for NYS Lawmakers to Add Board of Trustees

A proposed Board of Trustees would provide public funding of elections and end hidden-hand influence in New York state politics

Jul. 27, 2018 / PRZen / ALBANY, N.Y. & NEW YORK — A new civilian government for New Yorkers has been announced at

The new civilian government is called the Adirondack Republic. It consists of a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees has all power necessary to “assure self-government.”

The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to ban foreign influence on US politics. This restores self-government and ends stealth government.

Merger Proposed

The aim of the Adirondack Republic is to peacefully merge with the existing New York State government.

This will produce a post-merger government of four branches.

The Board of Trustees will provide for public-funding of elections to box out “foreign” funding of our elections.

The main job of the Board of Trustees is to ban subversion; thus, restoring integrity to government.

The Board of Trustees (BOT) will void policies produced out of corruption, such as, the SAFE Act, Common Core, and the Bitcoin licensing regime.

The BOT will have the power to investigate and reveal matters of public concern, combat war propaganda, open archives to public scrutiny, declassify information, and advance historical truth, thus cultivating a positive political culture.

The national security flaw in our current form of government is that it allows foreign-serving agents to freely operate to hijack our media, military, and monetary systems for foreign interests.

Merger Bonuses

To achieve the merger, the Board of Trustees will pay state lawmakers merger bonuses.

The Board of Trustees will issue its own currency to pay merger bonuses of between $100,000 to $400,000 to lawmakers who support the merger.

The bonuses decay by $10,000 per day, 72 hours after lawmakers are formally informed of the merger opportunity.  Thus, a merger deal could arise at any time in the next 45 days.

The first lawmaker(s) to support the merger split one million dollars.

Staffers will receive a $1000 complimentary bonus, if their lawmaker supports the bonus. Staffers who help move this proposal can sign up for extra bonuses.

A special session bonus of $1 million will be awarded to whoever opens a special session first, either Governor Cuomo, or the legislature, to formalize the merger.

Challengers to incumbents who wish to support the merger will get a standard $100,000 merger bonus to gain bipartisan merger support. This makes the issue a hot topic during the rest of the election season.

Challengers who fail to support the merger are unfit for office, since they would be repudiating self-government.

The Board of Trustees holds that it only takes one lawmaker to make the merger, since all lawmakers are representatives of NYS; any lawmaker can call on the public for emergency help in removing inauthentic compromised government.

Logic of the Merger

Lawmakers have a duty to assure self-government.  No government can repudiate self-government. A government that repudiates self-government forfeits its authority. An illegal government would have to be replaced.

As such, the merger is bound to take place.

The merger provides a peaceful way to address the well-known incredible subversion of our system.

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