Hitler: The White/European Race is INVINCIBLE – Why are we bending to BLM & Jews?

This is from an email I wrote to someone who asked my opinion. We were discussing the scam of the Fed. The other guy spoke about how good Hitler’s economics was which was not based on the Jewish banking scam. Then he asked my views. This was my long reply:-

I agree with most of what you say. I know there are "economic reset" people, but I’ve been studying the US situation and following markets for a long time. I’ve concluded, especially as a result of 2008 which would have destroyed the entire western world’s banking system – that there will NOT be an economic reset. If it happens, it will be short term, and it will be because they missed something. Instead, the US Govt will use the Jewish fed money and they can print UNLIMITED QUANTITIES. The system can NEVER get to a point where there is not debt. NEVER. All that can happen is that the debt keeps increasing. The amount the US Govt pays in interest can itself be adjusted endlessly since they’re paying interest on money that never existed. So whether you pay $120 billion or $300 billion or $70 billion in interest it means little. All of it is big SCAM/CROOK money anyway. They are GETTING MONEY FOR FREE … for a SCAM. So the USA can print $10 trillion, or a $100 trillion or a $100 quadrillion … it means nothing. The US Govt can merely hand over whatever money they can afford and thus this system can last for 10,000 years. I used to, ERRONEOUSLY think the system can crash, and like a normal white I thought that the books had to balance, but actually none of this needs to happen. The Elite and Jews are fleecing the system and the crooks can decide the level they want. But the key thing is (a) The amount of money that can be printed IS UNLIMITED (b) That debt does NOT have to be paid back. (c) It is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to pay the money back. Thus this scam can continue into perpetuity.

Now here in SA and other places, we too are heading into total debt. South Africa is right near to the point where our debt is outstripping our GDP. We are already almost technically bankrupt or very close to it. We can NEVER get out of the debt trap here either.

NOTE: Adolf Hitler ran Germany, through peace and war (war is always SUPER EXPENSIVE), without one Reichsmark worth of DEBT! Germany was never in debt. Hitler balanced his books. Napoleon was not as good as Hitler but he also tried very hard to live within the means of his empire. Both of them fought the Jews.

The notion that the system can collapse is a pipe dream. It will not collapse.

I have done a lot of reading and thinking about the real situation and want to do videos about the USA and the elite and Professor Quigley and civilisation. But in a nutshell, the Anglo-American-Jewish side of our race is hooked into JewNominics … Jewish economics. This presents a problem for the European side of our race, which is much less trade-orientated. The Europeans are much closer to REALITY than the Anglo-American world that functions TOTALLY on trading.

Quigley wrote fascinating and very deep stuff about civilisation, which I want to discuss. I think he also made some errors in his analysis. Now, to return to Hitler, the true genius of Hitler comes through upon closer study of the many things he did. I was reading the memoirs of Rudel the pilot who was so brilliantly successful. He described his interactions with Hitler in the final months of the war when everything was collapsing. It is amazing how cool and calm Hitler was, and his grasp of the situation. Rudel described how Hitler had a firm grasp of science, technology and strategy and the reality of war on the ground. His detailed descriptions of his discussions with Hitler are VERY IMPRESSIVE. It shows a man of a deeply great mind, equivalent to that of Napoleon.

I think that what ALL NATIONS face, and that is true for our entire race, is that we don’t have the same mechanisms for expansion that the Romans, Greeks and other whites had. That in the end, if you want to grow your nation you need to have a growing population AND you need to conquer. You need TERRITORY. Hitler spoke of Lebensraum. Hitler even demanded colonies (which he did not get). But if you look closely at the USA and Russia and Canada, you have countries that seized vast tracts of land, which has LOTS of useful resources. This gives these very large territorial nations massive advantages over Europe or the UK. Europe is very restricted and since losing its Empire … it is at a massive strategic disadvantage. Hitler ran into this big time in WW2. The Germans (and Europeans in general) DESPERATELY NEED resources and extra lebensraum, which Russia, Canada and America had a LOT of. America can survive for centuries on all of its massive reserves and minerals.

In short, if we as a race want to survive, be strong and expand, then we need to return to a Roman/Greek/Aryan type of existence. We need to build our strength on the basis of CONQUEST AND SETTLEMENT, which is what happened with the USA and Canada and Australia and look at the magnificent results. Here in Africa I can also attest to the excellence of this way of existing. The notion that you merely sit and trade like a Jew for all eternity is nonsense. You need physical territory which you occupy.

Now Hitler based all his thinking on the Roman Empire. The Wehrmacht was the Roman Army with tanks and aircraft. Hitler said: He could not see why the Roman legions could not have continued on conquering – FOREVER. He is right.

To sum out, our race needs to move into the Roman/Hitler/Aryan/Pagan way of living. That has always worked for us. We, as a race, are by nature, and our success, inherent EXPANSIONISTS and once we grab on to some territory, we NEVER let go of it.

This is very different to the Anglo-American-Jewish world of trade, banking and lots of FAKE ECONOMICS.

You do NOT need Jewish money for anything. And we can be safe and expand by ourselves and grow the mighty strength of our race simply by following the older, Jew-free principles. Hitler’s system was working. By the middle of the war, Hitler’s GDP was almost equal to that of the USA which had hardly had a tiny fraction of the hardship and cost and struggle of the war. Hitler’s Third Reich was as wealthy as the USA while fighting on every front with huge shortages of raw materials. Hitler proved that "The Roman System" works right now in the modern age. You do NOT need Jewish money, nor Jewish economics. You need NOTHING from the Jews or the rich.

In that system you do not need to import anyone into the country and you do not need to bow before BLM or Jews. You just move forward like the Romans/Aryans/Vikings and other Europeans. It is a return to a more logical and realistic way of living that is VERY NATURAL FOR ALL OF US. We have a NATURAL patriotism and nationalistic tendency. ALL WHITES ARE LIKE THIS WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Hitler was tapping into that and even with his tiny country he nearly defeated the 3 biggest empires in the world fighting them AT THE SAME TIME. An unbelievable feat really.

I’ve been studying the Romans to see if I can grasp clearly what made them so different to us. There is no question that the way Hitler inculcated values into the populace and the children, that he was 100% effective in creating an extremely SELFLESS, UNITED nation where the whites, even boys and girls RUSHED to defend the nation. They gave their lives and limbs without a second thought. Unity and selflessness and doing things for the good of all, was the driving value.

What I have ascertained, is that the Romans were DEFINITELY supremacists. The Romans were possibly among the most determined SUPREMACISTS that ever existed. Their determination in the face of hardship, failure and defeat was unmatched until the time of Frederick the Great, Napoleon or Hitler.

It may be that our race is VERY VERY SLOWLY evolving towards a Roman type of structure. And this is TOTALLY NATURAL for us. It fits in with our natural personality. All of us whites are like this. We are NOT TRADERS. We are WORKERS, Scientists, Engineers and WARRIORS. This is our NATURAL DISPOSITION. ALL OF US ARE LIKE THIS. Just like beavers build dams, whites build nations. That’s what we do. And we do it in the face of OPPOSITION. Our race has always been able to survive and grow regardless.

Interestingly, Quigley, whose view of history at times is narrower, also praised the system of FEUDALISM. Quigley says that since the time of the fall of the Roman Empire, that the system that defended Europe and withstood Asian/Mongol invasion was Fuedalism and it was our greatest feat. It actually worked. Now if you look at feudalism you’ll see workers supporting a warrior (the knight). It was not based on Jewish money. It was a very basic system like the Roman system.

Capitalist economics is just a load of Jewish nonsense that is full of tricks and BIG WEAKNESSES. Our NATURAL system is: occupy the land: farm, build, grow and expand more. Look at the USA as the most successful example of EUROPEAN COLONISATION IN ALL OF HISTORY! You Americans and Canadians are the greatest colonists of all time. In doing what you did, you were merely using a tried and tested system no different to the Romans and other whites. Here in Africa, on a smaller scale, we were doing the same thing, and it worked. In our case, we got ourselves lots of slaves (not actual slaves, but technically slaves), in the form of cheap black labour.

Quigley said some shocking things about slavery and the Roman Empire. But he may actually have been right about us.

The Anglo-American thinking of trading and cash and money is too JEWISH. We need to think like EUROPEANS, and when we all think like that, then we’ll be thinking like Hitler and we’ll be thinking lebensraum, expansion, etc … and that for us is as natural as a fish taking to water. ALL our nations did it with ease. You stop concerning yourself about bending your knees to weaklings. You merely CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES and then you rule the way that works for you.

For you Americans you still have tons of territory, but Europeans are badly hamstrung by a lack of minerals and land. Europe is seriously held back.

We need a return to the age of European empires, and to that Roman type thinking, but this time we must work closer in concert with each other so that our actions reinforce the other.

I see the Anglo-American thinking as being totally out of step with our ancient history, and with European logic and experience. If we all worked like this and split the benefits between us, we would be unstoppable.

Hitler believed that our race was UNDEFEATABLE and that is a very valid fact. Our weakness is the Jew within.

Hitler was dead right in ignoring all these Jewish scams and tricks, like banking and in focusing on a return to the Roman Empire and the time when Europe was healthy. Even the Christians had to use feudalism had to be implemented in order to create the necessary military force that allowed Europe to defend itself from invasion.

It’s time to stop thinking about banking, interest, trading, etc … and instead focus on REAL WORK. When I was in the USA and some of my hosts took me to restaurants, and I watched healthy white males working as waiters, I would think to myself: Is this truly the best thing to do with a fit, intelligent white man or woman of that age? Is this the way "economics" allocates our labour? Is this actually the best thing for us?

And when I study Hitler’s economics, I can see he was operating a far superior system. The Romans themselves, I must tell you were no idiots. The entire Roman army was composed of INTELLIGENT, SKILLED WHITE MALES. Every Roman soldier ALSO had a TECHNICAL SKILL. When the Roman army was in camp, there were soldiers making or fixing weapons, others were fixing their sandals, etc. The Roman army also had the most ENGINEERS of any army that ever existed. The Roman Army like the Wehrmacht was a HIGH SKILL army.

I think we whites in South Africa and Rhodesia made a HUGE MISTAKE. We began to let Blacks fight for us. I think this is VERY VERY VERY WRONG. VERY WRONG. It leads to real weakness and is very dangerous. You are giving weapons to other races who can turn on you as we in Africa found to our great cost.

When I look at the way the Luftwaffe fought and the way the Rhodesian air force fought, the concept was very similar.

I am a BIG BELIEVER that we need to get all white males into armies in every nation. Then we’ll have the Roman Legions back. Then we’ll be like the Wehrmacht and nobody can stop us. Hitler was totally right in his thinking. We in Africa in particular must NEVER AGAIN allow non-whites into our armies. We MUST create a whites-only army, no matter how small. It will punch way above its weight level. This is essential for many reasons including creating strength of mind and character and confidence among ourselves.

We must do the opposite of capitalism. Instead of bringing others in, we need to kick others out and ensure all our structures are whites-only. If the blacks want to do something they must do it by themselves. We are not responsible for them. We in South Africa are far too focused on MONEY and FINANCE. My entire family who grew up in South Africa lived only for money. They were chasing money and business day and night, and in the end, most of them died in poverty. That is from too much Jewish thinking.

We must think of higher things like: POLITICS & the STATE and the ARMY and our BIRTHRATE. All those things are SUPERIOR to this money nonsense.

Hitler’s way was the right way, and it will be the right way until the end of time, even if we jump on spaceships and head to the stars, which only our race can do. We can have a magnificent future. But we MUST get away from WORSHIPPING MONEY and ECONOMICS and rushing to save the rich. If the rich betray us, they must be fed to the lions or have their heads cut off. It’s that simple. TREASON to our STATE must NOT BE TOLERATED. And if we think in Pan European Nationalism terms, where we think of our states but our race and racial co-operation, then I see nothing but an incredibly bright future ahead for us. But a bright future ONLY beckons to the brave and the strong and the determined. The future for cowards and weaklings will always be dark. But in our race, we’ve always been bold, daring, hardworking and determined. We have never been as pathetic as we are now. We must return to that which worked for us for tens of thousands of years and even then, allowed us to conquer vast tracts of the earth. We have never been losers like now. Never before have we bowed so low. Hitler was right about the correct way to live.

I am particularly fascinated by Frederick the Great, Napoleon and Hitler. I think they were white leaders who showed what the future can be. And they were able to do intense things in very short order. I think what awaits is incredible, especially when I see modern technology. There is no question in my mind that most of the earth is ours, and that the stars beckon. No doubt in my mind.

As Ben Klassen said, COLONISATION is NATURAL IN NATURE. Every animal expands and colonises to his MAXIMUM. That is the nature of life. This is the only time in our history, where we have sunk so low as to not expand.

I was also doing a lot of reading about the USA and I think in the USA a lot of GOOD military men, white males of course, are totally frustrated by the idiotic, pathetic scum politicians. They are chomping at the bit, like the Roman Centurions of old. The white men, when they are their NATURAL SELVES are amazing. Everything follows from that.

Politics, economics, and Jewish nonsense and scams and trickery, is just wasting our energies needlessly. We must be "REAL" like Hitler and the Romans… and you’ll see the real power of our race and the grandeur that we are capable of.

WE ARE UNDEFEATABLE, especially if we adopt the Roman attitude.

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