Hitler Vs Oswald Spengler – Dr Verwoerd’s predictions for Whites in SA – The Future of Whites

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(1990) Bishop Tutu: NAZI slaughter of Jews was better than Apartheid
Black Christians in South Africa are no friends of the Whites. These disgusting people have turned on the Whites many time. Here is Tutu lying and pretending that Apartheid was WORSE than the (mythical) Jewish Holocaust (which never happened).

[An American raised the issue of Hitler and the NAZIS not liking Oswald Spengler. So this was my reply to him where I rambled on. Jan]

I recall I even posted something about there being a difference between Spengler and Hitler. This is true. Hitler did not like some of the stuff Spengler wrote about. It was in Hitler’s table talk. I would have to revisit it again. I can’t remember why Hitler didn’t like it.
I will have to return to it.

But I will tell you, as a prediction, it is unsurpassed. And Spengler DID write openly and clearly again and again that the White race was going to face a huge "coloured" (non-White) problem. He stated it totally clearly. It’s a very racial outcome.

There is another book, written by an American I think, which uses another angle, but ends up with very similar types of conclusions. He made the case, that the CLEVER are ALWAYS DESTROYED BY THE STUPID. Always. This is true, even within the race. Among the arguments are that Cro Magnon man, who are the ORIGINAL "Whites" (our real ancestors, 200,000 years ago), were MORE INTELLIGENT THAN WE ARE. They were possibly 10% more intelligent than us. I have a German friend, a really serious guy, who said to me, in his view, the IQ of Germany has dropped 30 points since the 1920s. I don’t know how he arrived at it, but he’s a serious bloke and I am sure he can defend it. Interestingly, Dr William Pierce said that eternal peace will dull us. That is a VERY BAD THING.

But Spengler was writing specifically about RACE, and he was very concerned by Whites and he used that term many times. While the other book about people getting dumber is based on long periods of time, like thousands of years; Spengler specifically was focused on Western civilisation and race. His methods of prediction are different to those of Professor Quigley. Spengler used a bunch of cycles that I never had heard of anyone using, including things like the evolution of Art, and other things. I must tell you, as a prediction method, I have to hand it to Spengler, he was truly right. Perhaps I should make some kind of video about Spengler at some point. If you hear just his predictions, you’ll fall on your back. You won’t believe that someone could be so right, so far into the future.

I have looked for many years, for predictions that actually came true, and these things are as rare as hen’s teeth. But that Spengler could write in such detail, and raise those issues is amazing.

His prediction for our time though, is that the next step is "Caesarism". Great, powerful leaders … that’s our next step. People hoped it would be Trump! 🙂 But Trump is a child. We need Hitlers, Napoleons, Julius Caesars, Frederick the Greats … Alexander the Greats. But they will come.

In the case of Dr Verwoerd, he told the Whites of South Africa, in a speech, that they had only lived 1/4 of their existence as a group. Since their "age" is the same as that of America, it applies to you Americans too. You’re only 1/4 of the way through your existence!

I don’t quite know how to apply that to the Europeans though … because they have histories of more than 1,000 years. As always, the Europeans are ahead! 🙂

Nietzsche also praised the Jews! He praised their determination to live. But that did not stop the Germans, including Hitler, from seeing the depth of his knowledge.

I’ll need to find out more about Spengler and Hitler. It is also possible that Hitler was an optimist in that he knew the plan for survival. Hitler said that a nation can be saved through raging passion. And he’s right.

I do love European and Western civilisation. It is so deep compared to the utter crap and garbage you get in Africa. These types of discussions can ONLY be had among your own race. You CANNOT have these discussions with other races. I know what I’m talking about.

However, I think, as always, Hitler is right, and we really must see Jews as ANOTHER RACE. It is not an OPINION, but scientific fact. Jews have a lot of different DNA to us.

Interestingly, Richard Dawkins, the great British biologist, did point out in a documentary I was watching, that animals can split off and evolve in different directions. So a single animal species can divide into two species and they begin evolving down a different path. When I look at the way Whites are, and Jews are, we are functioning exactly like that, and unless the one species were to totally annihilate the other; this will continue on. I think we may well have had such a biological "fork" taking place and that Whites and Jews will be at war with each other until the end of existence, unless, at one point, the one captures and fully controls the other, or unless the one physically annihilates the other. I don’t have an opinion on this. Hitler himself said the Jews would be back.

My own view is that the Jews are doing so well because Whites are too soft on them – far too soft on them. That is why they "got out of control". They must either split off … or one must dominate the other.

All these things are fascinating to ponder. If Whites just stick together and are loyal to each other, I don’t think they can ever be beaten – EVER. And Hitler had that view too. He said in Mein Kampf that such a system would CONQUER THE WORLD.

I think the safest method is for Whites to seize control of society and totally dominate it. Anything else will lead to a nightmare. Jews aren’t that great. We were beating them for a long time. We had them down. But they’ve managed to squirm and worm their way back in over the last 500 years. That is a long time. So they don’t win easily, and we never even really tried to fight back.

Nature is utterly ruthless, and in our pagan times we were never dying out. We were never controlled by Jews. Life was intense, very intense. But we smoked. There is nobody on this planet who can live by the raw rules of Nature like us. We could survive with ease.

We’ve been SOFT for far too long. It’s time to throw all that softness away, roll up our sleeves, and get down to the business of making babies and killing enemies! And we’ll be HAPPY!!!! 🙂

PS: I was watching a science video where a Dutch physicist who won a Nobel Prize was saying that he is certain we could colonise the whole solar system! He definitely believes we will be able to live on other planets. We will build robots that go there and build homes for us and then we’ll move in and be able to survive on planets that are inhospitable.

He did say we would never be able to travel into deep space for millions of light years because you can’t survive the radiation. But frankly, I think, as always, negative ideas will be proven wrong. One way or another EUROPEANS will find a way to overcome that.

Truly, when I see what comes out of the minds of our finest people, I honestly ask myself why we are settling for this Jewish "Shopping Mall" society. Why not just crush our enemies and competitors and aspire to being Gods and moving on? Truly. It’s possible. That’s where Hitler was going.

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