European writes: The ONLY thing holding up a European REVOLUTION is…


[I agree with this European about the Anglosphere. The UK and USA are so filled with total Jewish control that they have preferred to go and kill Germans, Italians, Spanish and other Europeans, rather than let the Jews down. It's very sick. The English-speaking side of our race is so deeply infiltrated with Jews, it's almost beyond insane how bad it has become. Jan]

My European reader wrote:

The stumbling block to a Euro revolution will be the kosher acronym Anglosphere which must be knocked out by something like Visegrad/Trismare…Poles, Germans, Austrians, Dutch, Swedish Generals et al, need to arrest their own shabbos goyish governments and arrest and deport the Anglo-American soldiers back to their own koshre gulags UK/USSR…they would first have to not love, but also not hate, Russians…the UK and USA are fiend no.1

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