HISTORY: White Asymmetrical warfare: Submarine warfare, brought to you by Confederates & Germans! – German Guerrilla warfare at sea

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You may have heard a lot of nonsense about the "Great" Chinese and their successful asymmetrical warfare against America and how the wonderful Chinese will crush the west, blah blah, blah.

Now let me show you REAL ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE done by WHITE MALES and it was awesomely successful.

The history of submarines is fascinating, but if you dig into it, there are 2 principle driving forces in the creation of the submarine. The one is the American south who were the real pioneers in building them and trying to use them in combat in the sinking of ships. A number of brave white males from the American south died during their intrepid attempts to build and use an under water vehicle for warfare. The American south is therefore the true pioneer of submarine warfare.

But after them, the Germans are the real pioneers. The Germans took submarines to the next level.

Various nations suffer from various strategic problems, especially when it comes to land and sea warfare. The British for example can focus most of their energy on their navy because they have no land borders. But Germany has problems in this regard. It is centrally placed in Europe, with high populations and big countries surrounding it. So it’s major threat is land warfare. Therefore the Germans cannot build a navy on the scale of the British because it would weaken them too much on land. So the Germans always struggle with a navy when facing the British and others.

Thus the Germans came up with concepts like "commerce raiders" in an attempt to pack some kind of punch at sea.

Thus the German thinking by WW1 and WW2 was that they needed some method of being able to fight at sea with naval forces that are much smaller and cheaper than those of the British.

Enter the Naval raiders, but especially the submarine.

The Germans innovated (as Germans always do), and they took the humble submarine and turned it into a fearsome weapon. They devised the tactics (wolf packs) to take on the defensive convoys.

I should add that after the (very sad) crushing of Germany in WW2, that it is the US Navy who took the submarine to the next level. Their key contribution was adding the nuclear reactor. This took the submarine to a whole new level.

The missiles that can be launched from the submarine, I must add, were actually a German innovation. It is the Germans in WW2 who experimented with and laid the groundwork for the submarine as a missile and rocket platform.

Nowadays you’ll see the submarine as an amazing weapon. Powered by nuclear reactors, submarines are amongst the most dangerous weapons on the planet.

The submarine … a tribute to the creativity of the white male. Many white men died in these underwater marvels. I think 30,000 German men died in them.

But the submarines alone, almost won WW2 for the Germans. The U-boats were amazing.

Given the scale of the fighting of the Germans, on land, at sea, in the air and on multiple fronts, it is amazing that despite having the Jews gather so many enemies against them, that even so, at sea, with the submarines, Hitler almost defeated America and Britain who, strategically, were in a FAR SUPERIOR POSITION to fight them.

An INFERIOR German navy, from a country with natural inferiority in terms of naval power, nearly defeated the British and the Americans!


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