Video: S.Africa: Audi smashes into getaway car during attempted hijacking in Pretoria

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BIZARRE: Russia: Scientists to create a genetic weapon against Anglo-Saxons
This is a bizarre story from Russia. I have the link to the original Moscow Times article in Russian which you are welcome to translate. I have published the translation as well as the original text. Now you will see the crazy type of stuff Russians publish in Russia.

[I'm not sure if the driver of the Audi is a White man. I really don't know. But this is good film footage of Blacks attacking a vehicle and this driver making a damned excellent move which allows him to escape. Jan]

You can watch the Twitter video here:

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Video: Decapitation: How the Boers dealt with violent crowds of Blacks
A young Boer I knew, Gilbert, told me of the time in the early 1990s when he served in the South African Army and was stationed in the townships. He described the tactics the Boers used to smash violent black crowds with a minimum loss of life.

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