Great German tactics with incredibly weak Panzer Tanks – Analysis


[One of my viewers made these comments, which are similar to the points I've made about the German tanks. The German use of armour was genius and Guderian was truly clever. But the main point here is that it was utterly BRILLIANT use of their tools that was the key. The Germans were able to use, the minimum in equipment and cost, for the maximum effect. Herein lies the sheer genius of how they structured their army. Truly brilliant. The idea of a 5 man tank with a dedicated radio operator was directly from the genius of Guderian, the brilliant German who turned the tank into a real weapon of war that changed the battlefield. Jan]

The Viewer wrote:

German panzers were actually outright inferior compared to Russian and French tanks. This is something that is accentuated by many German military marshals at that time period. The only reason why the French lost so hard is because their tanks still used flags to signal, while the Germans used radios. The T-34 was an actual miracle of engineering, as it is the first real “all purpose” tank that’s reliable, easy to mass produce, and did all the jobs while the Brits and Germans still fielded heavy, medium, and light tanks. The other miracle piece of engineering from the Russians were the Katyusha rockets, which were essentially Howitzers that can be moved around at 75 km per hour.

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