Black woman Joy Reid says Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal traces back to slave catchers, BLM activists should be afraid – My Comments

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Joy Reid says Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal traces back to ‘slave catchers,’ BLM activists should be ‘afraid’

The MSNBC host compared Rosenbaum, Huber to allies in the Civil Rights Movement

By Joseph A. Wulfsohn | Fox News

MSNBC host Joy Reid made the case that the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal has a historic precedent that goes back to the days of slavery.

Appearing on her own show as a guest, Reid began by saying she was "not at all surprised" by the Rittenhouse verdict, which she said was "expected."

"I think we have to keep in mind, when we’re watching the criminal justice system at work, that it was designed to do exactly what it did today," Reid told her fill-in host Jason Johnson. "Gun laws helped to enhance the design to allow this verdict to happen today. This country was built on the idea that White men had a particular kind of freedom and a particular kind of citizenship that only they have that gives, you know, from the slave catchers on, the right to inflict violence In the name of protecting property. That’s like the foundational creation of the United States."

The "ReidOut" host urged viewers to think about the families of "those who died," hailing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber for "defending Black lives," saying they "paid for it with their lives" and comparing them to White allies who helped Black Americans in the Civil Rights Movement.

"What I am concerned about is the precedent this sets for what people will believe that they can do under law when Black Lives Matter protests happen in the future," Reid said. "And that people may use this as an excuse to start going out of state and doing what this teenager did, believing that they’ll get away with it, and in some cases, getting away with it."

Joy Reid

"What we need to worry about is we have nothing in place legally. We have nothing in place culturally or socially to stop the next group of White nationalists, Proud Boys MAGA people, whoever they want to take from this burden what they want, and to use it as permission to attack Black Lives Matter," Reid later added. "And Black Lives Matter and just Black people as we just saw. Mr. Huber and Mr. Rosenbaum are White, they’re Jewish. They are also victims and easily make victims because anyone who supports Black Lives Matter should be very afraid tonight."

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