Canada: Madness: SWAT Team steals 3 White Children from their parents…


[This is from a long standing friend of mine in Canada. I asked her why she was so quiet. She sent me this. Beware of Jews and Liberals taking your children for nonsense reasons. Jan]

We have been helping a Calgary couple who was taken down by the fricken swat team, they stole their 3 children, still being held hostage by social services.

They face another round in court monday. not going. insanity has set in here. No one helps. Media has not touched it yet. Guess they have to wait until someone dies. Parents are almost collapsing. Here is a copy of dad’s latest email to me yesterday morning.

Christine Wall

Fri 2020-03-06 8:19 AM

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This is Chris there relentless bastards , they want to absolutely destroy us , but I keep on saying to Chrissy this is just another tactic cause we came at them full force last court date we had , I’m going to fight them tooth and nail what I got left and with Chrissy hopefully she be OK for Monday I mean how much torture does a mother have to take really the BS and torturing of our sweet 3 Children and standing by to look and think about this living nightmare day in and day out and then to think about what our children are enduring why so innocent sweet children have to go through this , this nightmare has taken a toll on my heath and well being especially the last month or two I see my wife everyday every day why is my family suffering what bad thing in life did we do to deserve this especially our children, we had such a happpy good family suffering who I love and support dearly with all my heart , I ask God that I am so proud of and cherished every moment of it and now that’s all gone how can a parent move on in life when my Heart my family are gone and torn apart my Heart is my family my everything my 3 sweet Children I ask why God every day I wish and pray every day this was over , I hope my Health will keep up to see my sweet children return to us parents and I always say to Chrissy you are the love of my life and you are always my rock if I dont last but see my Children return to you I would be a happy man .


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