From a Confederate: This is the 4th of July, 1865 – I would rather be ruled by a Nego in Liberia

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This is an excellent American White Racial Website and organisation. This comes from the work of the late Great Dr William Pierce

[This makes for a good read. Well, the bad news is that 155 years later, and Jews have got negroes ruling at least 50+ countries in the world, plug the USA has been ruled by its own (Kenyan-born), mixed-race-Jew-African "coloured" – a communist faggot called Obama. Boy of boy… how the USA has gone backwards! Jan]

This is the 4th of July, 1865.

“This is the 4th of July, who can celebrate it? Can the northern people who now are and for years have been waging an unjust cruel, relentless and inhumane war upon us? To take from us the very independence, the declaration of which 90 years ago made this day to be gloried in? Can they glory in the day? Have they the barefaced audacity when 5 of the original 13 are now battling against more grievous wrongs from the others than they could ever urge as a support to their cause? Should they not rather blush with shame at their present course and relent?

Yes they have the audacity. Their honor, honesty, Christianity, and civilization is all gone. They blush at nothing except that which may be honest and honorable and in their own acts they rarely blush for even these causes. Oh god meet out confusion and discord to their counsels.

Independence, the north has corrupted its very entitlement of the word. If any people can celebrate the day, the southerners are the ones. For they are now battling the same right aggravated by causes ten times as strong those for which in 1775 they fought. But if such a thing is possible and these wicked men be successful. I for one would regret from the depth of my heart that we ever knew a fourth of July, for tomorrow I would rather be ruled over by the president of Liberia, then by the Yankees.

Yes I would rather see the most worthless negro in the whole world rule over us than the Yankees. Who I consider a race of cruel fanatical scoundrels. Lost alike to honor, decency, honesty, and Christianity. Any but those cruel inhumane brutes baser than the baseless. They will celebrate the day with even more enthusiasm than before. To the world they say they are fighting to free the slave because they have in such a war the sympathy of the world. To their soldiers they cry union and the old flag. As the cry best calculated to make them rally. Whereas in their own cruel cowardly dishonesty and inhuman hearts their sole object is gain. And not a single one exists but that has his eye on the rich spoils of land and property to be had in the south. The Yankees tell the world they are fighting to free the slave, very well then. Let Dixie’s last stand reveal to the world the corruption of this claim, affirm the true cause of this war and show the true affinity that united the two races in the southland. Let us free and arm our slaves. Let every old man, and every young woman in the south be armed. Let their principle practice in cry be to shoot dead the invader whenever and wherever he be found putting their trust in the justice of an all mighty all powerful and all just god. The god of Jacob be our refuge. ”

-William Conway Whittle, CSS Shenandoah, July 4th, 1865.

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