Alexander the Great & the Mongols: Pagan Conquest Versus Christian Guilt – Ben Klassen: CONQUEST IS GOOD!


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[This is something I wrote to some people about Alexander the Great. The discussion was about Ghengis Khan conquering … but then why did Alexander conquer? Was it better, etc. So I threw some thoughts together on the matter. Jan]

About Alexander the Great and the Asians, and Conquest. Just some random comments:

I do want to note that one of my supporters has made the point many times that the Chinese, historically, to the present actually have a very Jewish mindset. My supporter is someone who seems to have spent a lot of time either in Asia or studying Asia. He’s made many comparisons between the Jews and the Chinese. When I had Jewish friends, I noted the Jews fawning over the Chinese. Of course that’s because they’re always looking for someone to parasite on. But my little bit of study and observation of the Chinese has left me rather cold regarding the Chinese. I really don’t have a high opinion of them, either in ancient times or modern times. They are different to the Japanese who have a warrior culture. I quite like the Japanese, and they’re the only non-Whites I look up to, and they were also very friendly to the Whites of South Africa. Under Apartheid they were classified as White while Apartheid classified the Chinese and Indians as Black. I’m really not impressed with the Chinese.

I can understand why Hitler was impressed by the Japanese and he even said that in some respects (implying unity I think), the Japanese were more advanced than Whites.

The Mongols and Ghengis Khan are a strange story by themselves. My Boer NAZI pal, who was actually a university lecturer, was of the opinion that Ghengis Khan must have been White or partially White. He could not see or believe that Ghengis Khan was a true Asian. And so that is something that needs some looking into. He just did not believe that the Mongols could achieve what they did if they weren’t lead by a White!!! I’m not quite sure if I’ve touched on this topic before. The Mongol invasions are quite unique in their size and scale. But there could be other explanations too. So the Mongols are somewhat in a category of their own.

One aspect of history I’m interested in is this: The Mongols invaded Westwards and gave the Europeans a hard time for long. But the Russians, who had among them Vikings, got their act together and later seized back all that enormous territory to the East. I’m fascinated by how the Russians did that, and the Russias were of course, WHITE. I’m very curious how the Russians came to seize that enormous territory back.

Professor Quigley, the American, was extremely impressed with Feudalism and he regarded Feudalism as a fabulous development by the Western world, and he said that Feudalism under Christianity was the system that saved Europe. He admitted that much of Feudalism had its roots in the Roman Empire.

Returning to Alexander the Great and conquest. It is only now under Christianity that we Whites have this guilt complex about conquest. Christianity has brought with it very negative thinking that is actually killing us. The concept of GUILT for example. I once watched a video where a Jewish Israeli professor boasted about the Jews being the inventors of GUILT. Well guilt has nearly killed us. Guilt is destroying all of us right now, especially you in North America. In the time of the Pagans, pre-Christian Whites saw conquest as a fabulous thing. They were EXTREMELY PROUD if they conquered other people. They were extremely proud of conquest, either of Whites or non-Whites. They loved it and saw it as good. Alexander the Great was subjected to an education which TAUGHT HIM TO CONQUER. We went crazy conquering because his father had created the necessary structures for a great army AND he was TAUGHT that conquest is GREAT. And so he went and did that. Julius Caesar himself had a similar view. He burst into tears in Spain when he saw a statue of Alexander the Great. He was a grown man who cried because HE HAD NOT CONQUERED ANYTHING AND THAT ALEXANDER HAD CONQUERED THE WHOLE WORLD – as they knew it!

Ben Klassen of Creativity, and the author of The White man’s Bible has said that in NATURE, colonisation is what all animals and plants do. That colonisation TO THE MAXIMUM IS WHAT HAPPENS IN NATURE. THERE IS NO ANIMAL THAT HOLDS ITSELF BACK FOR ANY OTHER, in the way that we Whites, hold ourselves back for the blacks, for example. Ben Klassen thus firmly states that EXPANSION and COLONISATION ARE GOOD. That is what nature does and we should NEVER HOLD BACK.

I agree with Klassen. And I think that all this junk guilt that comes from Christianity is crap.

Let me tell you, here in Africa, I just marvel at the fact that we Whites do NOT think of CONQUERING the Blacks. I mean really setting out like our forefathers to CRUSH and CONQUER. The possibilities are just bloody endless I tell you. Though some Boers, do quietly talk about this. And I love this dream. I do so wish we could return to that mindset. You’d be shocked by what is possible.

I think Klassen is totally right and I do think that the Pagan view IS THE ONLY LOGICAL VIEW. It is simply MADNESS to sit back and leave others to crawl all over us and, no Whites on the planet think of, or even conceive of CONQUEST. We would have massive empires in no time.

America itself has a very weird mentality where America’s territory remains more or less the same, and it may dominate militarily, but it lacks the mindset to conquer and OCCUPY, like the Europeans did. So the US Military is all across the planet but they won’t seize anything permanent for settlement and expansion whereas all Europeans grasped this, and this was the basis for our vast expansion outside Europe.

I don’t think that we need a reason to conquer. We do not need to say: We are conquering in order to enlighten or improve others. I think that Ben Klassen had it right when he said that we must conquer and seize any portion of the world that benefits us or that we want. He wanted Whites to dominate the planet and to take anything we want. I am very much in favour of this. My gripe with our race is our LACK OF CHILDREN. If you seize land, you must populate it with our children. I see that as one of our greatest weaknesses.

I am quite in favour of driving others out of their territory and settling it. I don’t see any need to coexist with anyone.

In Africa we spent a lot of time Christianising the Blacks and teaching them civilisation, etc. I think it was a negative and dangerous exercise which backfired on us. We should have driven them out and occupied the place with Whites like you Americans did. Maybe, our forefathers, used Christian civilisation as the PROPAGANDA to allow conquest. That is very possible. That we talked this nonsense in order to give us the moral reason to conquer. But the Pagan Whites never had to deceive themselves as to why they conquered. For them, all conquest, of anyone was GOOD and GREAT.

Returning to Alexander. He did what he did because that is what he was TAUGHT TO DO. In their case, they did see, like the Christians, the notion of conquering others and bringing them the benefits of Greek civilisation. I’m rather different. I don’t see a need to change or teach anyone anything and I think it’s negative. I’m of the view that one must seize land THAT YOU WANT TO INHABIT. In that sense I’m a "Lebensraum conqueror". Conquer the place TO SETTLE IT and build civilisation there. I don’t believe in teaching non-Whites anything. I don’t think it is wise to mess with their thinking or culture or religion and that we actually make them stronger and this presents us with future problems. I think a wiser course of action is to leave all non-Whites to develop in their own way. The blacks, when left to themselves, go downhill naturally. Making your enemies stronger is very, very stupid. This has been shown over and over again in history.

Paganism, in the sense of conquest had a very natural view of life. The Pagans were realists, whereas Christians believe in a bunch of, literally, pie-in-the-sky. They believe in all kinds of values that PREVENT YOU FROM DOING WHAT YOU CAN. Whereas Paganism wanted you to DO THINGS TO YOUR MAXIMUM. Christianity fills you with so much guilt that you don’t have the desire to leave your front door because you will be guilty of some nonsense notion. Paganism told you: Go out, be bold, be brave, CONQUER, SMASH, CRUSH… AND KEEP IT FOR YOURSELF! AND FEEL GREAT ABOUT IT.

We must get away from the Christian guilt complex. It is KILLING US. Whereas if we were pagans, we’d be happy and aggressive and we’d be smashing our enemies and LOVING IT. Hitler was bringing Paganism back to life and it was very healthy.

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