S.Africa: BRUTAL: White Man, on his way to work, assaulted by two attackers with a hammer and machete, Brits


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[This appears to be a white Afrikaans man who was riding a bicycle. Brutal attack! Jan]

A man from Brits, Flippie Gouws (50), was very seriously injured last Saturday 3 October, 2020 when he was attacked by two black men when he was on his way to work on his bicycle. He was on his way to work in Hendrik Verwoerd drive in Brits, in the North West Province of South Africa, when he rode past the two black men who pulled him from bicycle.

One was armed with a hammer and one with a panga. They beat and slashed Flippie several times over his head with the hammer and panga whilst they demanded a gun. However Flippie only had his bag with his lunch with him.

The black attackers then then Flippie in a ditch full of water next to the road before leaving with his bicycle and lunchbox. Flippie barely managed to walk to the Bridgestone factory where he works where his colleagues called an ambulance.

Flippie was transferred to a hospital in Pretoria. He sustained skull fractures in the attack and several deep slashes on his head in the attack.

No case was opened at the Police yet because a policeman said that Flippie can only lay a charge when he comes out of hospital. He will have to stay in hospital for a substantial time however.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/north-west/man-on-his-way-to-work-assaulted-by-two-attackers-with-a-hammer-and-panga-brits/

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