FANTASTIC & EXCELLENT NEWS: 47 Liberal (scum) Journalists lose their jobs!!!!

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[Now this made my day!!! The less bloody Liberal journalists there are, the better. These are the purveyors of Jewish Corporate Liberal PROPAGANDA which has MISLED the entire Western world for decades. The less there are of them the better. And then we don't have to listen to their Jewish propaganda messages. Nothing will delight me more than the collapse of the Liberal Lying Mass media! Jan]

This is from a newsletter where a Liberal journalist was begging for support …

Last month, news broke that I had been bracing against for years: 47 journalists at HuffPost — many of them former colleagues of mine at a news organization where I’d spent the better part of my professional life — were being laid off.

And as bad as that news was, perhaps the most terrifying part was that when the news landed, many of us were relieved it wasn’t worse.

The fear had been that many more would be on the chopping block. Still, veteran reporters with decades — maybe centuries — of combined experience were suddenly taken off their beats. At least one of them, a reporter I hired a decade ago, may very well win a Pulitzer Prize this spring — yet was laid off anyway.

The Intercept isn’t immune to the financial pressures affecting the entire industry. The same trends driving down revenue at for-profit newsrooms are causing a decline in the donations that nonprofits like us depend on. And since Donald Trump left office, new donations to The Intercept are down 30 percent.

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