The Germans who knew EVERYTHING about Life & the Future: Nietzsche & Hitler


I try as much as possible to fill my head with knowledge as fast as I can, so I never actually "relax" by reading novels or watching soap opera junk on video or watching any other mindless entertainment. My "entertainment" is only music or, sucking up knowledge!

I was watching a documentary, with the British evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, who is an atheist. Anyway, Dawkins has various fears about the dangers of polarised religion, and in his travels he met hardcore White Christians in the USA, in the Bible belt; as well as Jews in Israel and Muslims in Israel. Dawkins was very worried and concerned by religion, etc.

He said he was a gentle bloke and he is very concerned by the polarisation and people who will kill each other with certainty because they believe in God.

There is another gentle atheist, who was a rampant Christian Evangelist for many years before he became an atheist. He is also a pretty gentle guy. I’m referring to Dan Barker. He is a very nice man actually.

So there are these genuine atheists, who are Whites, who believe that their message of non-God will bring peace to the world between the races. What the atheists are missing however, is a THOROUGH KNOWLEDGE OF HISTORY AND HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. So while their science is excellent, it is their knowledge of history that is missing. They think everyone can live together in peace. They don’t understand PEOPLE and they understand history even less.

So as I was finishing watching one portion of the documentary, I was laughing out loud to myself and chuckling. I thought to myself: Well, everything that Richard Dawkins fears, was known by the late great Nietzsche! And Hitler!

We must give Nietzsche his due. This man was insanely ahead of his time. He was preparing and thinking and philosophising about the future. He got everything right. Truly Niezsche deserves pride of place as a "demi-God" in his own right – in his pure intellectual right. He saw the future like no man has ever seen. All these fake prophets and people who speak directly to God … they don’t know the FUTURE. But Nietzsche knew the FUTURE. He knew it, wrote about it, prepared for it, like nobody who has ever lived.

Of course Dr William Pierce must have known and grasped Nietzsche clearly because he spoke of man becoming a higher man and he spoke of Conscious Evolution!! He firmly understood this stuff. Pierce said that we would become like Gods eventually.

But Hitler, with his depth of knowledge of both science and history and religion – he knew it all. He knew the future and he knew how dreadful it would be if the Jews win the war – which they had started actually.

Both Hitler’s wife, Eva; and also Dr Goebbels, openly wrote about the drab, terrible future that was coming. Eva wrote about why she is happy that she and Adolf will kill themselves so as to avoid the disgusting future that is not worth living in.

Dr Goebbels made his marvellous predictions of the year 2000.

I wish that these atheists like Dawkins and Barker, who are clever White men, would actually study their history and realise that people cannot live together in peace. That we are animals and we will fight and compete.

Again, that incredible man, Nietzsche knew all these things. He even predicted the WARS WHICH WOULD COME AS MEN FIGHT OVER WHO IS THE BEST! HE KNEW THE FUTURE LIKE NOBODY.

So my hat off to Nietzsche. In his lifetime he was not recognised for being the incredible genius that he was.

He is unquestionably the greatest of the German philosophers and he ushered in the next stage of European Racial evolution … as we transition away to the next stage … the stage that Hitler, Goebbels and the NAZIS tried so hard to get to, and which the JEWS totally stuffed up and thereby held back the European race for now almost 100 years.

If only Dawkins and Barker would realise that they are part of our race, and that our race cannot run around waking everyone else up. That we must carve our way forward towards the SUPER MAN… with our bolts of lightning … into a wonderful new age, to the next level of awesomeness.

By the bolts of lightning I’m referring to Nietzsche and Superman. I don’t like the term Superman. I think the Jew Kaufman came up with that Jewy crap. It is really the HIGHER MAN. Ubermensch!!

And you will notice the SS had that sort of lightning type of shape to their SS badges! Nietzsche always used the symbol of lightning to represent the HIGHER MAN! The Higher man will carve things out. He may even die in the process … but he will be busy doing what he does … CREATING … CREATING… CREATING… and that can NEVER be done peacefully. NEVER.

Good old Ben Klassen of Creativity knew this too. Another great man of modern times.

But Nietzsche and Hitler … they SAW THE FUTURE and what it could be … and it would be … INSANELY AWESOME … HITLER KNEW IT WOULD ALSO BE: INSANELY AWESOMELY WHITE TOO!!!!


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