2 Maps: USA: Very Important: Voting Trends by Sex and Race – Proof that White Racists were RIGHT all along!


[On Gab someone posted this fascinating map. Here you can clearly see voting trends by race and sex. If whites only were to vote, America would be much more right wing. Yes I know both parties are cucked and owned. But suppose there was real democracy then you would see whites running the place very differently. I also found a map showing the breakdown of the 2016 election. The 2 maps seem to be from different sources but they tell the same story. Trends by race and by sex.

Here in South Africa we have the same fixed trends by race in every election.

So if you want to change the electoral outcomes you simply need to change the demographics.

PS: Since this is basically a “law” of race all this tells me is that the concept of “democracy” is actually outdated and worthless and can be superseded by something else.

This shows you that race is a real thing as is sex. And no there aren’t 3 or 6 sexes as the Jewish liars and scum want you to believe. NEVER LISTEN TO A BLOODY JEW!! Kick them aside like the dog shit that they are!! Jan]

Here is another map I found for the 2016 election. You can see the same factors at work.

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