Excellent Wisdom from Henry Ford about Jewish Journalism: The Three Degrees of Jewish Journalism


[The truth remains true for all time… consider what came out of Henry Ford's newspaper back in 1920. Jan]

The Three Degrees of Jewish Journalism…
The Dearborn Independent, September 11, 1920

The leading place will be held by organs of an official character. They
will always stand guard over our interests and consequently their
influence will be comparatively small.

The second place will be held by semi-official organs whose aim will be to attract the indifferent and lukewarm.

In the third category we shall place organs of apparent opposition. At
least one will be extremely antagonistic. Our true opponents will mistake this seeming opposition as belonging to their own group and will thus show us their cards.

I beg you to notice that among those who attack us there will be organs founded by us, and they will attack exclusively those points which we plan to change or eliminate.

All our papers will support the most diverse opinions: aristocratic,
republican, anarchistic… These fools who believe they are repeating the opinions expressed by their party newspapers will be repeating our opinions or those things which we wish them to think.

By always discussing and contradicting our writings superficially and
without touching upon their essence, our press will keep up a blank fire against the official newspapers, only to give us an opportunity to express ourselves in greater detail than we could in our first declaration.

These attacks will also convince the people of the full freedom of the press…

When necessary we shall promulgate ideas in the third section of our Press as feelers, and then refute them vigorously in the semi-official press.

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