2 thoughts on “How I feel every day in South Africa: As Napoleon said: To live defeated is to DIE EVERY DAY!

  • 8th November 2019 at 1:44 am

    “To live defeated is to die every day.” That’s how I feel. Jews’ control of our media and education has placed us at a massive disadvantage in the modern era. Most of our fellow whites are now fooled by the Jews and part of the problem. As nineteenth-century Spanish historian José Amador de los Rios wrote, Jews aspire only to feed their avarice and to accomplish the ruin of others. They don’t even care about this accelerating ecological collapse other than trying to make money out of it.

    We are like passengers on a jet being flown into the ground at full throttle by a psychotic pilot. As I recently learned when studying Jews’ religious delusions, they are mentally ill and should be detained for the safety of society and themselves instead of being free to risk wiping us all out.


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