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[My understanding is that a Jew created (and still owns?) the Apartheid Museum. I am so happy to hear it's electricity was switched off for all the unpaid bills. That is wonderful. The Apartheid Museum is a disgusting thing. Jan]

Businesses targeted by City Power’s disconnection drive were given notices that were ignored, with the Apartheid Museum among many Joburg businesses defaulting on payments.

City Power Apartheid Museum Electricity disconnected

Tamika Gounden | 22 February 2023 08:28

JOHANNESBURG – City Power has disconnected electricity supply to the Apartheid Museum and other business centres due to millions of rands in outstanding debt.

The power utility said businesses across Johannesburg have unpaid municipal bills, so far amounting to R8.9 billion.

City power said the businesses targeted were given pre-disconnection notices that were ignored, with the Apartheid Museum being cut off for owing the utility R1.8 million.

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It resumed its cut-off operations on Tuesday to address the culture of non-payment by some service businesses. It is hoped that at least R40 million in outstanding debt will be recovered.

The operation aims to bring in more money to help repair and maintain City Power’s ailing infrastructure through repairs, cable replacement and maintenance.

Some Joburg residents marched to their City Power depots last week, demanding their power be restored, after being left in the dark for days on end.

The power utility said recurring cable theft and substation vandalism were too costly to keep up with.

Source: https://ewn.co.za/2023/02/22/city-power-disconnects-apartheid-museum-for-r1-8-million-in-unpaid-bills

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