Chart: Jewish hate of White Males: Trump’s popularity increased among all sexes & races EXCEPT for White Males – My Thoughts


[I was looking at this chart and reading Professor MacDonald's thoughts on the election, which I will post. The key element in this though, is how between 2016 and now, Trump's popularity increased with EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR WHITE MALES. Trump has failed white males. This is a very interesting thing to monitor. For me, the KEY ELEMENT in Western civilisation is the unceasing war on the White male, and here is Trump, who was supported by white men, who actually lost ground among them. He is still favoured by them, but it does speak to a weakness in his thinking. This is the one area where I would criticise him. For me, the key to the future lies with rallying together all white males everywhere. The white males MUST LEAD THE CHARGE TO RETAKE THE WESTERN WORLD AND WESTERN CIVILISATION. Its CRITICAL, and the white women must follow behind and support. And yes, you heard me right … the WHITE MEN MUST LEAD THE FIGHT AS ALWAYS. This is how our race works. This works for us. This is our culture, our history and our style. Jan]

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