CREEPY JEWISH FOREKNOWLEDGE: Trump has nominated Jewess Lana Marks as ambassador to S.Africa – TERRIBLE!!!

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[This story is really weird and creepy. As you’ll see from the links below, the Jews already knew, as early as 1st October 2018, that Trump would nominate this South African Jewess, who lives in Florida, as the ambassador to South Africa! Even the US embassy had no knowledge of this on 11th October when this appeared in the South African Jewish Report. The real news hits on 15th November.

If the Business Day knew this, then it shows that the Liberal/Jewish scum in SA have been hard at work. How could they announce this with such certainty, long before it was officially put out?

I hate the idea of a South African Jewess being the Ambassador. You can rest assured she is here for Jewish-only purposes. Notice too how cosy she was with the Queen of England. The Jew scum sure are hobnobbing across the world with all the high level elite who should be representing and ruling whites.

The Chief Rabbi of South Africa is totally close to Ramaphosa. Now imagine this Jewess, coming from the USA, but with all her links to the local Jew scum AND to Ramaphosa.

She seems to be good at marketing (i.e She’s probably an expert liar). I see she can speak Xhosa and Afrikaans. That merely means that she can lie to Afrikaners!

I’ll publish some of the articles below. I had been expecting a Jewish ambassador all along. I think several months ago there were rumours about another Jewish piece of shit as the potential ambassador to SA.

This is a real bummer. This is the opposite of Trump’s tweet about the land seizures and farm murders.

I’m afraid my Boer Nazi pal has been proven 100% correct in his fears about Trump. Ditto for Bob in DC who warned me as well.

I think a really creepy aspect of this is that the Jews knew about this officially long before it was announced. That shows how well they know Trump.

I hate this. I am waiting to see what this Jewish piece of garbage has to say, when Ramaphosa begins seizing land without paying for it.

When I look at Ramaphosa’s moves, it is to me as if Ramaphosa is going to hand over farm land to Jews and assorted black scum. This incredible closeness between the Jews and the US Govt and Ramaphosa, bothers me. The Chief Rabbi of South Africa lied grandiosely about the ANC’s “achievements” during this post-Apartheid period. I hate what I am seeing here. The Jews will be helping the black commies and Liberal scum and themselves, while screwing the Afrikaners and the other whites! Jan]

On 1st October 2018, Business Day, the leading business newspaper in S.Africa ran this story:

We spoke to handbag designer and soon-to-be US ambassador to SA: this is what she said
‘I’m extraordinarily persistent and love people and fortunately I have good taste,’ she said in an interview in 2006


As you can see from the above, the writer seems to be a Jew, Bleby.


A few days later, on 11th October 2018, the South African Jewish Report published a story. It starts like this:-

However, the US Embassy in South Africa says it has not been informed about her, despite international media reports saying that this East London-born businesswoman was handpicked for the job by US President Donald Trump.


Over a month later on 15th November, 2018, Newsweek opened up with this: President Donald Trump plans to nominate Lana Marks, a luxury handbag designer and member of his Mar-a-Lago club, as the U.S. ambassador to South Africa, the White House announced.


Then on 19th November 2018, The Times of Israel says: US President Donald Trump has nominated a South Florida-based luxury fashion and handbag designer to be the new US ambassador to South Africa.


Also on the 19th, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency said: (JTA) — Lana Marks, whose designer handbags have been carried by such celebrities as Jennifer Aniston and Helen Mirren, has been nominated to serve as ambassador to her native South Africa.

NEWS24 said this:-

President Donald Trump has nominated a South Florida-based luxury fashion and handbag designer to be the new US ambassador to South Africa.

The White House announced the nomination of native South African Lana Marks late on Wednesday.

Marks was born and raised in South Africa and is now the CEO of the Lana Marks Collections design firm which caters to celebrities. She speaks Xhosa and Afrikaans and lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

There has been no US ambassador to South Africa since Trump’s election.

The extended vacancy had led to criticism that the Trump administration was less committed to the US-South Africa relationship than previous ones.

Ambassadorial candidates from the private sector are not uncommon for the US government and account for about 30% of envoys across administrations.


This is the story Newsweek ran about it:

President Donald Trump plans to nominate Lana Marks, a luxury handbag designer and member of his Mar-a-Lago club, as the U.S. ambassador to South Africa, the White House announced.

Marks, 65, is the CEO of an eponymous fashion brand that counts royalty and Hollywood stars among clients willing to pay thousands of dollars for her handbags. She was also a friend of the late Princess Diana, after whom she named a design collection.

Born Lana Bank in East London, South Africa, her father was a property developer from whom she learned about business and design. She now lives in Palm Beach, Florida, with her husband, the British psychiatrist Neville Marks.

“The idea for a luxury exotic leather fashion brand came in 1984, when Lana Marks and her husband were invited to a birthday celebration for Queen Elizabeth II aboard the royal yacht Britannia,” her website bio reads.

“A fruitless search for a red alligator handbag to match her suit led Marks to conclude that a niche existed in the marketplace for luxury, exotic leather fashion handbags in fabulous colors.

“She devoted several years to studying the techniques of accessories design and Italian production, working with the most skilled artisans in the world. In 1988, she launched her first design, a hot pink alligator lunchbox handbag. It was an instant success.”

According to the White House, Marks served on the Women’s Leadership Board at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Women’s International Forum for more than a decade.

Marks, according to her bio, attended the University of the Witwatersrand and the Institute of Personnel Management in Johannesburg, and speaks Afrikaans and Xhosa.

Palm Beach Daily News reported that Marks was a member of the Mar-a-Lago Club and golf resort owned by Trump, which charges a $200,000 membership fee. She is not the only person tapped by Trump from his own club to work for his administration.

Others include Robin Bernstein, one of the club’s founding members, who is now U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

“It’s the most exclusive part of the U.S.,” Marks said of Palm Beach in an interview with South Africa’s Business Live. “It’s a small enclave, an island north of Miami. One-third of the world’s wealth passes through Palm Beach in season. The crème de la crème of the world lives there.”

In an interview with The Sun, Marks spoke of her friendship with Diana and revealed that the princess was supposed to have been on vacation with her when she died in Paris in 1997.

The vacation was canceled at the last minute when Marks’s father had a heart attack, so Diana went to Paris with her partner Dodi Fayed instead.

“For the next few years, I was in shock. I still feel the pain of it all. I constantly think, ‘What if she’d been with me?’ All that might not have happened,” Marks told The Sun.

“I feel terrible when I have that thought but can’t get rid of it. I’m thinking of her more than usual now due to the anniversary and it definitely still plays on my mind.”


Here’s the story from October, from The South African Jewish Report:

SA-born businesswoman may bag US ambassadorial position


Jewish South African-born Lana Marks, a bespoke handbag designer to the world’s rich and famous, has been pinpointed in world media as the future United States ambassador to South Africa.
by NICOLA MILTZ | Oct 11, 2018
However, the US Embassy in South Africa says it has not been informed about her, despite international media reports saying that this East London-born businesswoman was handpicked for the job by US President Donald Trump.

This week Robert Mearkler, US Embassy spokesperson, told the SA Jewish Report that “the White House has not announced a nominee”.

Marks, born Lana Bank, left the sleepy town of East London about 40 years ago with her British psychiatrist husband, Neville Marks, and has lived a life less than ordinary ever since. She is the owner and Chief Executive of Lana Marks Collections, and has built an internationally-recognised fashion accessory empire. She has up-market stores in Palm Beach, New York, and Beverly Hills. Most recently, she opened an exclusive store at one of Sol Kerzner’s spectacular hotels, Atlantis The Palm in Dubai.

Her coveted leather handbags are, according to her website, made from alligator, crocodile, ostrich, and lizard.

Marks, 65, who lives in Palm Beach, has come a long way from East London, known as “slum town” and its residents as “slummies”. Having attended Stirling Primary School and Clarendon High School, she counts the late Diana, Princess of Wales, as one of her dearest friends, and even named a bag after her. She has designed exotic leather bags for Hollywood’s A-list stars attending the Academy Awards. The late Elizabeth Taylor, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Dame Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, and Jennifer Aniston, are just some of her clients.

Many of them adore Marks’ most expensive red-carpet classic, the well-known, diamond encrusted Cleopatra Clutch, which goes for up to R1 million. Other bags will set you back anything from $10 000 ( R147 818) to $400 000 (R5.9 million).

Mearkler puts the media reports down to “chatter on Twitter”, and insists that while he is aware of the recent media reports about Marks, no announcement has been forthcoming from Washington.

“We have no update on a nominee for US Ambassador to South Africa. It is our White House, and not the Department of State, that begins the process, and it will be the White House that will make an announcement if/when a nominee has been selected,” he said.

Despite this, the dwindling, yet close-knit East London Jewish community is abuzz that one of its own might be considered for the high-ranking position – a post that has been vacant since Patrick Gaspard resigned in 2016.

Lifetime resident and former friend of the Bank family, Louis Robinson, told the SA Jewish Report that the Banks were very well known and involved in the local Jewish community. He described them as socialites, saying that the family loved the movies, which might explain Lana’s taste for Hollywood and the lifestyles of the super-rich and mega famous.

The family lived on a large property with all the lavish suburban trappings, including a tennis court, swimming pool, and bar. The home even boasted a movie theatre, which in those days was “quite something”, said Robinson. Lana played tennis, he recalled. He did not know how far she went with it, but remembered her being “quite good”.

Marks has said she played international tennis, gracing the courts at the South African Open, Wimbledon, and Roland Garros. However, according to an article in Business Day in 2006, the details of her tennis playing days are sketchy.

Her childhood also included ballet. Both extra murals, she has claimed, instilled in her a strong work ethic and discipline, which helped her career.

Although his memory is hazy, Robinson said the late Alec Bank was a property developer and builder who owned many blocks of flats in the town. He was a member of the Hebrew Order of David, and the former president of the Chaim Katz Lodge No 25.

Said Robinson, “On Sundays, Alec Bank liked to show movies in his specially built home cinema with a reel projector. He could seat up to 40 guests.”

It is believed that the family owned the drive-in at Beacon Bay, and that Lana’s mom, Blanche, had a movie rental business and hired movies and projectors.

Robinson’s mother, Zahava, 91, told the SA Jewish Report that she played bridge with Lana’s mother Blanche for many years, and that “Blanche was very good at flower arranging”.

Marks often recounts the story of where it all began. In numerous interviews, including a recent Hello Magazine spread, she tells how she became a handbag designer after she was invited to a birthday celebration for Queen Elizabeth II aboard the royal yacht Britannia.

After searching in vain for a red alligator handbag to match her suit, she concluded that “a niche existed in the market place for luxury, exotic leather, fashion handbags in fabulous colours”.

If President Trump has made his choice, it will still have to be approved by the Senate. It is common practice that before the nomination of an ambassador is announced, the host country, in this case South Africa, is informally consulted. The SABC has reported that President Cyril Ramaphosa is said to be “considering the nomination”.


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