Social Media discussions: Can Whites survive? If so how? Should we Genocide others?


[This is from some fascinating discussions I had. Jan]

A word about hard times: You will be amazed how you, yourself will adapt to living in times which you would normally consider unthinkable. Furthermore, as bad as it will get, it will NOT be as bad as you expect it to be. It will be easily survivable. Whites NEED a challenge. Whites NEED ENEMIES. It will be the best thing that’s ever happened to us – having REAL ENEMIES. Then you’ll see how awesome we are.

The white middle class in the West, especially the USA, has become too used to all kinds of things. They need some hardship. Hardship will suddenly give you reasons to exist. My own theory is that because we come from glaciers and ice, our DNA is based on 40,000 years of struggle. Real struggle. We’re far too bored and weak. We NEED struggle. It will make us stronger & cleverer. We are PERFECTLY suited to it. Our race is unique.

Here’s the good news my friend. Everything is moving forward slowly. Its not going to happen next week. It is years away. I have seen much change & violence of exactly this nature. Bombs were going off as close as 100m from my apartment once. You will get used to it. It won’t be like WW2. You will have plenty of time to adjust and observe. You will also learn to adapt. We whites in SA have adapted to intense crime as if it is nothing. You will adjust and adapt.

You ask: How will you deal with a battle situation: As events develop, you will have friends and family who experience things. From your circles, people will begin developing sharper wits. People who have experienced it will guide you. You yourself, will observe the situation and you will begin to see opportunities. You will live on your wits. You’ll think more carefully. You will take more precautions. And you will survive with greater ease than you think.

We have tons of crime here. Yet, I take my own precautions and I do my own thing. My neighbour, a fool, 2 doors away, because he is a deep believing Christian, prefers to leave his security to God. So he’s recently be robbed nastily. And it is simply because he refused to conform & take the same security precautions that ALL of us take here. Most of us hardly even notice this stuff. We have companies & mechanisms to help protect ourselves.

A VERY VERY VERY important factor that I cannot overemphasise enough is this: Jews are very weak people. Very weak. Very cowardly. When the SHTF, I assure you, MOST of them will leave the USA and Europe even BEFORE the SHTF. Blacks, also are not good at violence actually. The Jews and Blacks will be freaking out long before the whites. Whites have an ingrained, “wild West” mentality. It will come to the fore. We are more grounded in REALITY. Its natural to us.

Someone wrote to me: I have worded that badly. Pagan whites had a warrior spirit, they lived the “Life is a constant struggle” wisdom. They actually embraced war.

My reply:
I’m now 56 years old. And since I was a kid, I lived in an unstable, low intensity, guerilla war situation. I will tell you that my own view of life now is EXACTLY as you describe the Pagan whites. I actually think, the correct & best thing for us, is to EMBRACE WAR as a permanent feature of all future life. It won’t take us long to be the GOD OF WAR again. Our entire CULTURE is based on REALITY. We can handle reality better than anyone else. I’ve seen it over & over.

Something that amazed me in history was this: How did the Romans survive among others who were forceful, deceptive and dangerous. Other whites tribes were tough, determined, devious and ambitious too. Yet, the Romans came out tops above everyone else. How did they do it? Those lessons from then are as valid today as ever.

Yes, other whites like the Eastern Europeans learned to live in a lie. They knew they were being lied to all the time. That is the mode that I think all of us here are now used to. HOWEVER, the Romans & all whites, survive this, by slowly constructing new TRUST among our own brethren. Trust, I think, is a CRITICAL feature of a warrior society. You cannot fight, without TRUST of those on your side. We will rebuild the trust & hang the traitors. We will kick out the scum.

I have seen here in South Africa how we have had to, piece by piece, reconstruct some form of trust among us. Step by step. It takes long. But once you have it, GREAT THINGS are then possible. In Rhodesia, we had a wonderful spirit, the likes of which I’ve never experienced since. But I think we are building the beginnings of that NOW on the Internet. WE MUST KICK OUT JEWS, SPIES & TRAITORS from our midst CONSTANTLY. It is VERY NECESSARY.

The fact that we’ve lost so many times. e.g. Germany, Italy, Confederates, southern Africa. I think the BIG LESSON coming out of this is: (a) Stick together like crazy (b) Be fucking radical & determined as hell. We in Africa we also too soft. I think with each loss our determination each time will increase. I see much hope in the magnificent achievements here on the Internet. We’ve done excellently.
He wrote: Chancellor Bismarck once said “When the germans hold together they can kick out the devil from the hell”

I replied: I’ve never seen that quote before. I love it. The Jews/Blacks/Commies have called us “racists” and “nazis”. We will only win when we are 1 million times MORE RACIST and more NAZI than we’ve ever been before. The bad news for the Jews et al, is that by the time we win, we will NOT be in the mood to be pals with any of them. We will rip them apart & send them fleeing. It is well within our grasp. There will have to be executions, etc

Replying to the issue of Unity & sticking together. Someone else said that Rural Americans used to stick together less than a century ago.

I replied:
It’s simply a lesson to be relearned. Given, what you say, that merely proves that it will be easy to get back to that. These old traditions have value …. Our culture & history IS SUPERIOR. We will learn the hard way why it was important & why we need to bring it back. I also did not understand these things when I was young. Now I appreciate it a lot. Now life is exciting.
Another thing that makes me incredibly positive, especially in Africa & this will apply to all of you: Our enemies have hit us with EVERYTHING THEY HAVE. They’ve tried to terrorise us, tried to murder us, tried to trick us, tried to lie to us, tried to f*ck us over using every trick in the book. They’ve given it their EVERYTHING. And still, we’re around, surviving & some even prospering. But we have NEVER hit them with EVERYTHING WE HAVE!!!! hahahaha. But that is coming my brothers & sisters!
You mean we must genocide others? Is that what they agreed on?
(For the record, even the soppy Protestant white Christians of SA have quietly debated this same thing).
Our enemies in southern Africa have hit us with EVERYTHING they could muster … and still we’re around. We on the other hand, held back, and retreated and tried to make peace. Whereas they were always on the attack. What they have NEVER EXPERIENCED is when we hit them with everything we have.

In the final two years of Rhodesia, we went and began hitting the blacks with almost everything we had. It hurt them intensely. We were actually re-learning war the EUROPEAN WAY. And it IS SUPERIOR!

I’ve read part of both images and I have saved them. They’re excellent. I doubt Alex was on the chans. But let me tell you a few thoughts on this from here: Deeply Christian whites here who believe in prophecy, have cited parts of the Bible which state that GENOCIDE (kill everything) is what we should do next time. Even THEY have accepted it. And I agree. But I’ll tell you more.

The way you whites cleared out north america is actually the greatest conquest of our race. If anyone are the masters of solving the race issue, it was you people. Our problem in Africa was our christianity and the British Govt, prevented us from doing the same. But it is a lesson we must recover from. I have no ethics on the matter. I don’t believe in morals EXCEPT AMONG WHITES. Ethics & morals are for ourselves. NOT FOR OTHERS.
We are well capable of survival in any form, until the end of the universe itself.

We are utterly UNIQUE in our ability to bend and shape nature itself. No race can match us.

We therefore must not submit to anyone. And anyone who tries to harm us, must be destroyed.

Our survival should NEVER be up for debate in any way whatsoever.
On a personal level, I have ALWAYS, had the view that I will NOT take part in my own suicide and destruction. I will do my utmost to survive. And I have done so, until now. I have no intention of just dying or fading away.

We must give our EVERYTHING for our existence as a group.

We are the most magnificent thing that we’ve ever come across. Nobody is better than us. Our achievements are massive, unique and unmatched.

Nature would spit on us, if we were so useless as to die.

I like to joke, but it is also serious, that NATURE, MOTHER NATURE, is constantly trying to KILL OUR ENEMIES.

Look at the Jews and all their many weird illnesses from their inbreeding.

Mother Nature is constantly trying to kill the blacks. She’s trying to kill them with starvation & illness and WHITES constantly save them.

We must leave Mother Nature alone. She loves us, and she’s trying to kill the others!

She’s on our side!

We respect nature more than anyone else. Nature is our FRIEND

2 thoughts on “Social Media discussions: Can Whites survive? If so how? Should we Genocide others?

  • 6th January 2020 at 8:22 pm

    You can genocide them without lifting a finger, just cut off A L L aid stupid dumb ass white cucks have been keeping them alive with because they felt sorry for these mongrels. Whites could have won years ago but they are too stupid. They keep feeding the beast because the jews have brainwashed them with Christianity suicide programming.
    Whites could win tomorrow, but they are C O W A R D S. Stop paying taxes, stop buying jew goods, name the jew, don’t file. Whites do not stick together, they are the only ones that don’t give a hoot what happens to other whites.

    Maybe we deserve to be genocided, for being so pathetic and stupid and cowardly., IF whites don’t wake up and fight back they will disappear from the jew plantaion, race mixed into oblivion. Christianity has done us in.

    Beam me up Scottie, nothing of interest here.

  • 6th January 2020 at 6:02 pm

    Classic Jan: Inspirational, informative, and delighting in the fight! Well done!


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