Childish Britain: The European Union: Poland & Hungary are cleverer than the Dumb British Brexiters – My Comments


[Every time that I read about the British and Brexit, I can't help but think how these Brits are under the influence of Freemasonry and Jews. Britain lives, perpetually with a hatred of Europe. Britain cannot co-exist with Europe. Britain is ALWAYS working in the opposite direction to Europe. No matter what happens, there are 27 European countries hanging in there and working together – regardless of the problems and at the end of the day, I am happy to see that the EU is remaining firm and it continues to plod forward despite all the detractors. It is a form of unity that has benefits for all 500 million Whites. But every time I read about Britain and Brexit, I ask myself why these dumbass Brits keep on wanting to leave the EU. At the VERY LEAST, the Brits will have a drop of 2% GDP, but it could be 4%. Why leave the EU in order to impoverish yourself? The British are SPITEFUL and child-like if you ask me. There has to be more to this (((Liberal))) British idea than meets the eye. I fail to see how this will STRENGTHEN BRITAIN! I fail to see how this is GOOD FOR BRITAIN! So they spat in the face of the Europeans … and … to what benefit for themselves or anyone else? It was childish, to put it mildly. I fail to see how this is working for the common Whites in the UK? Perhaps, the reality is that Brexit is working for the (((Elite))) and (((Liberals))) in the UK? Maybe there is secret, shady nonsense going on that is working for the (((Upper Classes))) and (((Elite))) of the UK? But for the common man, for Europe, for Brits, for Western civilisation … Brexit is a childish tantrum AND one that is not good for our Race generally. Idiotic Britain … what a silly country. A country without an empire that still thinks it has an empire. Jan]

Brexiters in the U.K., nationalists in Poland and Hungary, skeptics from Athens to Amsterdam — the European Union’s detractors have long warned it’s at risk of shattering, but it lumbers on.

The bloc’s bureaucratic systems are so slow and fights so bitter as to seem to mark its impending implosion. But the reality of a union of 27 countries means grinding immensely complicated problems down into solutions.

It happened again yesterday, with Budapest and Warsaw now looking set to abandon their veto of a record $2.2 billion stimulus package. Clinched just before a summit in Brussels today, where leaders also face the thorny issues of a post-divorce deal with the U.K. and climate change, the deal was classic EU.

Poland and Hungary had objected to the cash being tied to upholding the EU’s democratic standards. But they faced up to the reality they’d be cut out of tens of billions of euros in funding.

So the EU got its way to police wayward members and penalize corrupt and authoritarian behavior, while Hungary and Poland won a concession on implementation they can sell at home as a victory. They’ll continue reaping the advantages of a single market of almost half a billion people — a benefit the U.K. may soon rue it gave up.

The EU faces a host of challenges. But it has shown repeatedly that doubters of the European project may be wiser to pause before forecasting collapse.

Source: Bloomberg Politics

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