Was George Washington a crypt-Jew or a FreeMason? – Hitler, British Intelligence & FreeMasonry…


[This is from a discussion I was having with an American lady who was doing some research. The topic came up of whether Washington might have been a crypto-Jew. Jan]

I wrote:

About US presidents. My understanding is that Freemasonry was behind this stuff. Even here in southern Africa, I’ve discovered to my horror the extent of freemasonry and it is rife in North America.

And FreeMasonry is OWNED by Jews in modern times. I dug into this. In the late 1800s the Jews may have purchased all the freemason lodges in the world.

I also think there might be a link between FreeMasonry and Britain – the British Government or British intelligence.

There’s much more to FreeMasonry than meets the eye.

I don’t think US Presidents were actual JEWS. Jews have a very particular behaviour. There are several things that Whites do, that no Jew ever does. Jews have a personality that is different to that of "normal Whites".

Take for example, Washington. If you look at his life and certain actions, there is no way he was a Jew. He may have been a Jew-loving, or Jew-fooled White, but he could never have been a Jew.

In the USA, as in other parts of the Anglo world, the real thing seems to be Freemasonry. And here in South Africa, I only really stumbled on to Freemasonry, face to face in a big way in 2018. That was a big wake up call.

And in the USA, etc – it is rife. And it’s symbolism is there on your money, etc.

I find it hard to believe someone like Washington, especially, could have been a crypto Jew – an actual Jew hiding as a White. Washington does not have the personality of a Jew.

Jews have MANY WEAKNESSES, and among these is leadership. But there are other things too, where you will NEVER see a Jew. Washington was a FreeMason, but I can’t imagine, for a second, that he was a Jew.

I don’t know the other US Presidents, but I’d be very careful of that line of thinking. Look rather for secret societies. Even here in South Africa, the Afrikaans speaking Whites turned to secret societies when they were down and out and defeated.

Adolf Hitler was right. Secret Societies need to be destroyed. They are dangerous. I think, but can’t prove, that the British Government and British Intelligence might use them on a global scale. That Half-Jewish Island does weird creepy stuff.

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