Did Trump single handedly destroy the Republican Party?


[This is a comment one of the readers wrote, but I have seen many others saying this is not true. But here it is FWIW. Jan]

I’m >>NOT<< going to get started here because my opinions on this sordid subject could rival the length of War And Peace and once I get really rolling I might just set a new record for the printed word.

Trump is a lying, Jew kissing, treasonous bastard who has single handedly destroyed the Republican Party from within. From a Party who had a solid control of the Senate, and the ability to flip the House Republican by a huge margin during the next election, this bought and paid for goy whore helped set the stage for the imploded Party you see today.

Every bit of carnage you view via the Jewsmedia he has had a hand in it. When he could have stopped it with the stroke of a pen, he allowed it to fester wide open and allowed his Jewish Handlers full rein. Those of you who revere this useless piece of shit I bid you to open your eyes wide and get the hell off his faux train.

Be well advised that a Third Party would be aggressively under assault by both present Jewish Controlled political parties and the Jewsmedia. Yes, we need to fight back but we need a new strategy here.

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