Chart: The Closest Presidential Races since 1892… Trump is all lawyer-ed up… ready to win back


[I didn't realise that Bush won by 1 electoral college vote in 2000. Hectic. And it seems McKinley also won by 1. Yikes! As it is, Trump is already on the list due to 2016. A guy I know in the USA who is an attorney, who I met in 2019, told me that Trump's all lawyer-ed up and that he will win back what he lost in the courts. The Democrats, like with the fake impeachment, are probably operating on the Jewish principle that the key is PERCEPTION rather than REALITY. So if their dumb voters think they won and Trump stole it back, then it gives them reason enough to burn down parts of cities again. I'll feel happier when I see Trump has won back all the mass of fraudulent mail votes that poured in. Check out this fascinating chart of really close US elections. Jan]

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