Mother Nature LOVES the White Race … she is trying to hard to KILL all our Enemies…

I am constantly trying to tell whites in Europe and North America: PLEASE STOP DONATING TO AFRICA.

I posted this on Gab, to someone who understands:

Now you’re talking. STOP “helping” the blacks. THEY ARE LEARNING NOTHING. THEY JUST KEEP ON BEGGING. THEY DO NOT LEARN. THEY DO NOT CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOUR BECAUSE THEY DO NOT DIE! DITTO FOR JEWS. THE TIME FOR PUNISHMENT HAS COME. WHITES MUST STICK TO REALITY AND LOGIC. DO NOT ENTERTAIN THE STUPID REQUESTS OF BLACKS OR JEWS. LEAVE PEOPLE TO DIE. THAT IS THE BEST THING WE CAN DO. If the blacks were left alone, hundreds of millions would die in Africa within a decade. They will be fleeing from africa. Mow them down with machineguns when they head to europe. We whites can retake ALL OF AFRICA. DO NOT GIVE THEM FOOD, MEDICINE OR DONATIONS. LEAVE THEM TO DIE. Mother NATURES IS CONSTANTLY TRYING TO KILL THEM. LEAVE HER TO DO IT. Mother Nature will reward us whites and punish the blacks. Ditto for the spoilt brat Jews. NEVER ASSIST THEM. DRIVE THEM OUT OF WHITE NATIONS AND SOCIETY. We white men can take back EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THE WESTERN WORLD. EVERY BIT OF IT, and probably a bigger chunk of Africa than we had in the past. Leave Mother Nature, she will kill, and kill and kill until the balance is correct. We whites must focus EXCLUSIVELY on our own protection and welfare. Then you will see how we will thrive while others die. We will walk in and take whatever we want when Mother nature has killed them. Neither Russia nor China, who always are willing to ARM THE BLACKS will give them the food they need to survive. Blacks have an insatiable appetite. They are like a bottomless pit for money, medicine, etc. Hundreds of millions who should be DEAD were saved by white doctors, missionaries, etc. WE MUST STOP DOING THIS STUPID SHIT. IT IS KILLING US. Mother nation is trying her best to kill them for us. We are in line with nature. They are not. Leave nature to kill them. You’ll see how awesome the world will be. And we will walk tall again. We will regain lost white territories in Africa and more. Incredible wealth and opportunity awaits us.

I posted this in
On Gab and even with NRM, I keep telling whites: STOP DONATING MONEY & FOOD TO AFRICA. Mother Nature is trying CONSTANTLY to KILL THE BLACK (and even the Jews). We must leave them to die. Focus on whites, on white defence, on having MASSES OF WHITE BABIES FFS. Feed our own. Leave others to die FFS.

One thought on “Mother Nature LOVES the White Race … she is trying to hard to KILL all our Enemies…

  • 12th December 2019 at 7:32 pm

    I have a lot of resentment against my parents. While poor and their own kids deprived, they always found money to send to charities helping blacks in Africa.

    My revenge? I now send monthly donations to Jan. I won’t deprive my own kids and my own kind. The blacks can rot for all I care.


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