Chart: 2022 – Bitcoin and Crypto are more popular than ever despite the market crashes

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[Take a look at this chart. This is good news. But it does not surprise me. All money, including gold and fiat currencies are at the end of the day based on TRUST! All money is based on trust, and bitcoin and crypto is here to stay. Keep watching Bitcoin. It will be back. I did mention long before the crash that it runs in 4 year cycles. Jan]

The price of Bitcoin has crashed drastically since around the beginning of April. Many other cryptocurrencies – for example Ethereum or Tether – have also been caught up in the turmoil on the crypto market. However the crypto crash does not seem to have really unsettled investors in the United States so far, as our Global Consumer Survey special “Finance & Assets” shows. According to the report, 18 percent of those own investments also have cryptocurrencies. 15 percent of the total of just over 1,000 respondents intend to invest money in coins in the next two years.

The comparison with the previous survey shows that investors in the States now take cryptocurrencies much more seriously than they did in 2020. The increase in popularity is likely spurred on by the profits made in the recent past. According to an estimate by Chainalysis, total profits from cryptocurrencies amounted to around $163 billion in 2021.


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