EXCELLENT: Biden Sex Assault Accuser Has Bad News for Joe, Drops Hint as to What Is Coming – My Comments on Biden’s mind

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[It's excellent to see a POS leftist/liberal/white-traitor like Biden getting a bit of the heat that Trump and others have taken. It's just fun to see an enemy and traitor getting a bit of a headwind. Men will be men, and sexual desire is natural, and men can be very naughty. But it's fun to see a piece of crap like Biden just getting some bad press. On another note: Biden's mind is seriously damaged. He really is going from bad to worse. That guy is so medically unfit to be a US President it's not true. Jan]

Tara Reade, who has accused then-Sen. Joe Biden of sexual assault when she worked for him as a Senate aide in 1993, told conservative commentator Benny Johnson Wednesday on “The Benny Show” that she was hoping to testify before Congress soon about the incident.

“You know, regarding my case, he would lie straight to the cameras,” she said. “He was on, I think, the ‘Morning Joe’ show, and just lied flat-out.”

“And, you know, it’s frustrating to see, because it’s not just my case,” she continued. “Moving forward, I’m hoping for justice.”

And then came the news that the Biden camp definitely didn’t want to hear.

“I did reach out and say I wanted to go under oath — that I would testify in Congress. I have received a response. We are going to meet. And there is a possibility there will be an investigation into Joe Biden. And I will go under oath and I will testify.”

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Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, the legacy media quickly and efficiently squashed sexual assault allegations leveled against then-candidate Joe Biden by Reade.

In December, Reade informed the Daily Caller she had called on House Republicans to open an investigation into the incident when they took back the majority in January.

“It would be a very different thing, if I could testify under oath,” she told the outlet.

She indicated she would “provide whatever information they needed, and they could ask me whatever questions they wanted.”

“I think we need to have the conversation, instead of me being erased, and other women that were erased that tried to come forward,” she added.

According to Reade, then-Sen. Biden pinned her against the wall in a Senate corridor, reached under her clothing and sexually violated her.

Following the incident, Reade told the Daily Caller, she filed “a sexual harassment report through the Senate.”

A record of Reade’s complaint could very well be found in Biden’s Senate records. However, in addition to the fact that Team Biden would move heaven and earth to keep any such complaint hidden, the records are sealed at Biden’s alma mater, the University of Delaware.

According to The Washington Post, the university said the records would remain sealed “for two years after Biden retires from public office.” Shortly before Biden launched his presidential campaign, the university indicated the documents would not be made available until after he departed “public life.”

Her complaint about the alleged incident was not received well by her superiors, she said. Reade said she’d been “threatened” and, in the end, dismissed. She said one staff member told her, “we’ll f***ing destroy you, if you go forward,” according to the Daily Caller.

Reade told the Daily Caller: “I was 28 years old. It was scary to hear at the time. It was at the beginning of my political career, and it kind of shut me up.”

Source: https://www.westernjournal.com/biden-sex-assault-accuser-bad-news-joe-drops-hint-coming/?ff_source=Email&ff_medium=newsletter-CT&ff_campaign=dailypm&ff_content=conservative-tribune

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