Bill gates made: $200 billion: Is Bill Gates & his foundation really behind all the COVID nonsense and vaccine nonsense?


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I must tell you, after watching the deleted documentary about Bill Gates, that I think Gates could easily be the key player behind the drive for vaccines and lock downs. I’m not saying he is 100% responsible for everything, but Gates had said in an interview some years ago that he had invested $10 billion into vaccines and that HE MADE $200 billion out of it. Now if go and look to see how "rich" Bill Gates is, you’ll see that he is currently rated as being $100 billion. But he said years ago that he got a 20:1 return on his investments in vaccines. So that means he made $200 billion – ignoring all the other things he’s been doing.

They say his Gates foundation is linked to WHO and the UN, etc. He has tremendous power as a "philanthropist" (that’s a pack of shit that the super-rich and Jews in the USA have been getting away with for decades.).

I must tell you, I think there definitely has to be some sort of POWERFUL INFLUENCE that Gates exerts behind the scenes of the PLANET on vaccines and many other things.

Bill Gates is a genuine nerd, and I am surprised sometimes at how bad he is at his public relations and answering questions. But he has a whole organisation covering that side of things for him.

These super-rich are much richer than you think. The Jewish Rothschilds are probably worth trillions of dollars that is hidden away that you can’t trace because it is in all sorts of private organisations and deals.

Gates must be worth much more than the $100 billion they claim he has.

This COVID vaccine and lockdown nonsense is NOT NATURAL and governments never did this before. There therefore has to be some kind of private push from people like Gates, etc for this nonsense. For someone like him, he could make hundreds of billions of dollars, maybe even trillions of dollars from these moves.

There is definitely something extremely weird and VERY WRONG going on with this COVID crap.

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