Why we need an Aristocracy: Warriors Vs Priests & the status of Women & Sex


[Here’s a fascinating little excerpt from a book that a supporter sent me. The notion that sex is unclean is to me an unnatural way of viewing life. Nietzsche raised this when he discussed religion. Our main religions which are derived from Judaism are Death Cults. They focus on DEATH whereas before that whites used to focus on LIFE. That is essentially what Hitler was doing – trying to refocus Germans and whites on LIFE. Our religions are filled with endless notions of sin. I noticed this in my spiritual days when I was into a type of Buddhism. I noticed that all notions of spirituality anywhere is filled with endless types of guilt even for things that are natural. Jan]

Here’s the quote:

In the tradition that comes down from the day when the warrior class and its values were dominant, the Earth was accepted and a thing of rejoicing, sex was clean and men were frank about it, and woman was pure and had a high place and a large influence. But when the priest ousted the warrior and took his place, it is seen that woman came to be looked upon as a temptation and a snare, and that sex and the body were a delusion and to be denied.21 It strikes me that much the same change took place in Europe wherever the Church established its domination. The noble values of the warrior gave way to the diseased values of the priest. No—I admit—the priest fills me with distaste. In fact, not only with distaste, but with distrust as well. I find it hard to believe that any aristocracy would be sound in the hands of priests such as we know them.

 Excerpted from: Which Way Western Man? – William Gayley Simpson; Chapter 11.

The Necessity of an Aristocracy.


One thought on “Why we need an Aristocracy: Warriors Vs Priests & the status of Women & Sex

  • 23rd December 2019 at 7:04 am

    Absolute horse shit! Sex is not seen as unclean in any of the Abraham religions. Segregation between sexes was part of the religion. However sex is to be monogamous and is to be with your wife for life. Hell,those Catholic big families must be laughing at you. Where do you get this stuff? If you want a docile society put feminists in charge just as the bible says the serpent will lead you by the nose. Its all there you just reject the notion that God is the prime mover. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Go forth and multiply is one of the first command in the bible. Get it?


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