All of Jewish History is a big lie: Jews lied to the Romans and Greeks


[This is from a note I wrote to someone. Jan]

If you’ve ever looked at The Great Jewish Mask, which I give away on my website, you’ll see that ALL OF JEWISH HISTORY IS FAKE.

Scholars even have letters written by Jews (in Greek) from BEFORE Christianity, where Jews are always lying through their teeth.

Jews are LIARS. They’ve always been liars. They are also NOT SUPERIOR nor even cleverer than us. They just worm their way into our society AT THE TOP.

Then using that knowledge and those positions they begin their nonsense. Jews also make many mistakes but they have their methods of getting back into the game.

Mostly it involves returning to the Whites and then worming their way back in by pretending they are good.

We as a race are FAR TOO FORGIVING.

All Jewish history is fake.

The Jews only learned to read and write long after Whites were already masters at it. Then they began writing their crap.

The Jews even tried bold bullshit on the Romans and Greeks. The Jews told them that they had invented civilization!

The Romans and Greeks with their own extensive histories, laughed the Jews to scorn.

The Jews are garbage who realized that Whites have real power and wealth and they are like parasites who come to live off our civilisations.

Their greatest achievement lies in their ability to fool people. Our society is based on high levels of trust.

Jews exploit this key efficiency that we have in our own civilisation.

Jews are just a race of bullshit artists. ALL of their history and their stuff is stolen from others. There is nothing original in their history.

Nothing. It’s all stolen. Even the very things they call "ancient Jewish" rituals, etc – is nonsense. They might have invented some of their

"ancient traditions" in MODERN CENTURIES. e.g. Those stupid candles they have a hannuka, etc. They might have stolen that from a northern European Christmas tradition.

The Talmud itself was only "completed" in about 500AD. In other words, Christianity is actually OLD than their stupid Talmud!!

Just ponder that.

All of Jewish history is a highly exaggerated lie. ALL OF IT. NOTHING IS REAL when you are dealing with them. NOTHING

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