Logic versus Emotion: The Secret to White Racial Survival …

[This is from a note I wrote to some people. I will flesh this out more later. Jan]

We need to return to an age of logic like the pre-christian times.

In many respects I see Christianity as the call of Emotion. It draws White women deeply. I suspect that we have a number of emotional issues we are not addressing properly.

I think Ben Klassen was trying to do that, as perhaps others have. Ben Klassen of Creativity made the correct arguments for a White Religion for our people.

I have a lot of respect for Ben. And he was not alone in creating a religion. I was reading that the Germans under Hitler also had some people who were thinking along those lines.

One thing about us as a people and a race is that we’re amazingly disciplined. We don’t run around and do stuff for dumb reasons.

Thought Jews have learned how to get us to do dumb things that work for them.

In the long term, we will find our way. We did this in the 1920s-1930s. We’ll do it again.

I was reading a "summary" of the massive works of Oswald Spengler, whom Hitler had differences with.
But I must tell you, in the writings of Spengler, I saw the most amazing predictions of what is coming to burn us.

Spengler wrote over 100 years ago, and his predictions are amazing. He saw our racial problems and other problems coming.

Make no mistake of this: Once we’ve worked mentally through our thoughts, and what we must do … then we as a people will set out to do what must be done.

We just need to clarify and sort out all our thoughts.

My Boer NAZI pal told me that the COMMON GERMANS were reading philosophy … back in Hitler’s day.
Those people were feeding their minds before they did what they did.

And I see with great delight how more and more Whites are doing this.

This is wonderful. THE NEW WHITE PEOPLE ARE COMING … and we will be among the very first.

Spengler’s predictions were just shocking. In all my life of reading prophecy and predictions, I’ve never seen a man predict so clearly, so far ahead WHAT IS ACTUALLY COMING.
He’s not perfect. But I was very amazed. He saw it all.

And he also predicted the solution. The solution he said is armies and dictatorship (Caesars).

He stated that the superior White Race is going to lose all it’s position and will be overrun by the coloured races.
There was another guy, Stoddard, an American who wrote along those lines too.
But Spengler wrote it vividly. He mentioned the future … and a lot of his future happened exactly that way.

Truly, shocking and amazing to think it was published in 1918.
Spengler said that "Prussianism" is the way to survive – Military. But he said, to be a "Prussian" you don’t even need to be a German. It is a spirit, a way of thinking and living.
In essence he was promoting MILITARISM as the ONLY SOLUTION.

He even gave timelines. He said that the age of the Caesars would be post year 2000.

The solution for us is logic. Emotion is our enemy. Feelings are the problem, logic is the answer.

Hard, logical, disciplined Whites can face anything and overcome anything.

If we were 10% as determined as the Romans or the Prussians or Greeks … we would crush our racial enemies like bugs everywhere.

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